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Well, we have gone to Sweden to find for you the perfect present for this “nice and white” christmas. No... Please don´t be evil thoughts... It´s not a gorgeous Swedish blonde girl, sorry... It´s simply a bit about fucking good metal in the old style, as it should be. It has been a miracle that we have returned integers and undamaged from this journey, but now we can offer you the Nenne, Vörgus member, statements... and you can read them in the warmth of your home, close to christmas cakes and beer. By the way, merry fucking christmas! Enjoy...
Hey Vörgus! Thanx a lot for your visit to this old and dirty castle!! One moment please... Frankie, please, could you clean that pool of blood over the floor? We have a visit... Thanx... Sorry dudes, the home service is getting worse each day... Well, how are the things going there in Stockholm?
First of all, I´m sorry about the delay. I´ve been hunted by filthy humans, forces to hide out in the woods, feeding on cats and squirrels. But now I´m finally back in the city, drinking human blood. And we´ve got the winter now, with quite a lot of snow for the moment.
The first question I think it´s inevitable... A little bird (and it wasn´t Metal Archives!) told me that Vorgüs means “suck-ass” in Sweden if you read backwards... Hahaha... A fucking great name! So, what could you tell us about the name of the band? Why did you choose that title?
Well, we were far from a serious band when we did our first rehearsals back in 94, I believe it was. So at that time it seemed like a really good name. And when we started for real in 2000 we just kept the name. Some think that it´s cool, while others find it childish and stupid. What the hell, it´s just a name.
The second is the topic one, sorry... Could you tell us a little biography about the band? When did you started, recordings (released or not) etc.? Have your aims changed so much about the band from your beginnings to the actual days?
As I said in the previous answer, we started out as an active band in 2000, and recorded some demos:
  • Vörgus Is The Law (2000).
  • The Evil Dominator (2001).
  • Pure Perkele (2002).
  • Vörgusized (2004, re-released as a full-length album in 2007).
The most radical change took place after the second demo, when we lost our original singer and I took over the vocal duties. You can really hear that the song structure improved at this time. And obviously, we just released our latest album “Hellfueled Satanic Action” this fall.
Well... What could you tell us about your most recent album “Hellfueled Satanic Action” released by the comrades of Inferno Records? Are you satified with the final result of the recording? Any aspect to improve in your next releases? Please, give us more details of “Hellfueled Satanic Action”...
Yeah, were quite happy with the way the album turned out. The production is really perfect for us. Thanks, Mike. As for the recording itself, we were never in the studio all together, except for the recording of the choirs on some of the songs, which were done in the final stage. It would be really great to record more or less “live” in the studio. Well, maybe next time. But all things considered, the process went rather smoothly.
To be honest, I knew you in your last album. Later I bought your previous work “Vörgusized” cd re-released by Iron, Blodod and Death corp. and Execute 666 (shit!, so I haven´t your version of Motörhead´s “(We Are) The Road Crew”, possible my fave track from them, aghh!...). So I can´t talk properly about the development of the band. Anyway, is the “evilution” an really important aspect for you? What could you tell us about it?
Frankly, we don´t really think about evolving musically. I know this may sound like a cliché but we really just do what comes naturally. Yeah, the Motorhead cover was actually pretty cool, if I may say so myself. Maybe I can find a copy and send it to you. We´ll have to talk about it (Note: fucking great dude! Here we are waiting for it...).
Honestly, I think “Vörgusized” (and the tracks from “Pure Perkele” added to this edition) is great. It contains some fucking well-done old thrash-speed metal songs. However, in my opinion “Hellfueled Satanic Action” keeps the same style and attitude, but it´s much better in all their aspects: louder, rawer, elder, with more “feeling” and power, etc... Yeah, totally a killer album for me!! Do you agree with my words?
Wow, thanks for the compliment. That´s exactly what you want to hear about your music. I mean, if the music doesn´t get better with every release, what´s the point. I absolutely agree that the songs are in the same style as those on “Vörgusized”, but with some improvement in the structures.
I would like to speak about one of your songs, concretely “Kill To Live To Kill”, my favourite one hehe, with that powerful main riff in the old thrash vein that makes me shake my head like a possessed… How was the process of composition of this track? Anything more to add about it?
That´s actually the song I like least on the album, but who cares about my opinion, right? (Note: hahaha...) If people like it, that´s cool. When I wrote that riff I was thinking about Megadeth´s “Symphony Of Destruction” and “Peace Sells But Who's Buying” (Note: yeah, we share that assertion). I wanted a really heavy main riff to build the song around, you know.
I think that I have found some metal classic influences in some parts of your songs. I am speaking about bands like Judas Priest, Black Sabath or King Diamond. Do you agree with me? And more influences you think are proper to mention?
Absolutely, since we grew up listening to all those bands it´s no big surprise that it effects our music. Venom, Sodom and Impaled Nazarene are other bands that have influenced us throughout the years.
And what about your lyrics? What topics and themes you try to spread? I find some satanic references, but I don’t consider Vorgüs a “true” satanic band at all... How is your way to treat these satanic topics?
You´re right, we´re not a satanic band. The lyrics with “satanic” topics should be seen as metaphorical. The title track, for example, is about driving your car really fast haha (Note: have to test it in the car...).
But seriously, we don´t think anyone who actually listens to the songs and read the lyrics would consider us a satanic band. We don´t really have any specific topics or themes, it´s just heavy metal lyrics, you know. “In Metal We Trust” speaks for itself, doesn´t it?
Well, the members of the band are active and involved in the extreme scene since many many years ago with several bands and projects... So I would like to ask this question specially to you. I think some years ago perhaps other styles like Black Metal, Pagan, Doom, etc... were the most popular in the underground. Well, I am a fucking “true blacker” since many years ago. But I think these styles are very bored nowadays, with many bands without interest, etc. For example, BM unfortunately is a damned trend today. But since years to now some bands have started to recover the old metal style (Thrash, Speed, classic Heavy Metal, etc.), with that primitive sound and style and they are finding their place for right. I opine it´s a huge territory for exploring with a lot of good bands more or less new that seem to give more importance to the feeling and the attitude than to the quality of their music (well, I don´t support the bands who play badly of course, you know what I mean...). Hahaha... I have the chance now to give a big fuck to that expert people who some years ago critized that “resurrection” of the old style!!! Fuck them!!! The time has give you the reason dudes!! Well, holy shit, what do you opine of this pile of shit I have just written?
Wow, fuck me! That´s without a doubt the longest question I´ve ever got haha (Note: sure, we are the damned Vampi man!).
Well, the old style has never died, has it? I mean just look at bands like Sodom, Motorhead, Kreator etc. Still going strong. And as you said, there are lots of “new” bands, especially here in Sweden, that play pure Heavy metal with the old school sound.
Here are some Swedish bands that you might want to check out: In Solitude, Enforcer, RAM, Portrait to name a few.
About Black metal; I´ve never been that much into it, but I really like the early stuff that was called BM back then, such as Venom, Bathory Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Mercyful Fate. I guess that´s what they call the first wave of Black metal.
And to the critics of the old style: FUCK YOU!!! True metal will never die!
And well, could you give us any tips about bands you like? Which bands have you enjoyed with so much lastly (don´t mind the genre)?
I must say that I really love the latest Mastodon album. It fucking kicks ASS!!!
And if you haven´t heard Swedish thrashers F.K.Ü. you should check them out immediately! (Note: we will do it for sure, along your precious tips, thanx) Great horror thrash. The latest My Dying Bride album is also awesome!
I saw some pics of the band playing alive... Well, fuck, I think a Vorgüs show must to be bestial... What could you tell us abou this?
Well, a Vörgus show is all about pure, raw energy. Just pure fucking perkele metal to the bone. It´s not easy for me to describe since I am on the stage myself, but people have told us that it´s quite intense, and that’s positive indeed.
Ok. The final question. I like an intie like your music, quick and direct!! Please, tell us a bit about your next plans...
Christmas break! Beer, food and Santa Claus!
Yeah... That´s all brothers. It has been a true pleasure your visit here. Best wishes for the future from the fucking Vampi staff. The last words are yours dudes!
Thanks a lot for this interview. Keep up the good work with your webzine.
Buy our album! Play it loud and thrash the hell out of yourself!
And try to avoid drinking the blood of cats, it´s really not that tasty. Go for a poodle instead, if you ever get the chance. Cheers!

Nenne Vörgus
: Band's website: www.myspace.com/vorgus :
: Origin: Sweden :
: Publishing date: 24.12.2009 :