Tenebrae In Perpetuum
: Black Metal for tormented and dark souls :
        : Interview done to Atratus :
: Written by Skelos :        
From an uncertain underground cavern of Italy where a bloody altar stands dedicated to a forgotten old-one being is where the new Tenebrea In Perpetuum album seems to have arisen. In an era of decadent and boring BM, these guys have followed their own and it seems that there is still a sinister hope for this black genre. Let's go without delay to read what Atratus tell us.
Greetings Tenebrae In Perpetuum! Here Skelos from the fucking Castle of Vampiria (Spain). Thanx a lot for your time and hope you find interesting this interview. Well, how things go there in Italy?
Hi, thanks to you for your interesting in Tenebrae In Perpetuum. All seems fine here, thanks.
I think Tenebrae In Perpetuum is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious BM acts. I can´t found much info about the band in the internet or in pressed magazines. So could you tell us a bit about the story of the band? When you started, what aims you followed (and follow) with the band, members, etc...?
Well, I founded Tenebrae In Perpetuum back in autumn 2001 when I decided to play real obscure Black Metal. I wrote and recorded our first and only demo tape immediately, in one week only. After that release I got several enthusiastic comments from the underground and a new label, Serpens Caput Prod., offered me a deal to release a 7" ep. It was out during spring 2002 and in 2003 we release the debut album "Onori Funebri Rituali", trough Sperpens Caput again, on vinyl LP only. In 2004 spanish Black Seed released this album on CD and many people knew Tenebrae In Perpetuum worldwide. In 2005 the Horna horde propose me the release of a split 7" ep. It was out through Debemur Morti Prod. and since that time this label was become our official one. In 2006 was released the second album "Antico Misticismo", in 2007 a 4-way split ep self-released with the comrades of the other local bands (Lorn, Near and Chelmno) and in 2009 is out the third album "L’Eterno Maligno Silenzio". Since 2003 Vidharr is in the line-up as drummer and Ildanach is the vocalist in this last album.
Tenebrae In Perpetuum
Tenebrae In Perpetuum
Tenebrae In Perpetuum
Tenebrae In Perpetuum
Following the line, I have the impression that you always have tried to stay "in the other side" of the scene. If I am not wrong, you don’t have official website or myspace. That fact multiplies the aura of mystery surrounding the band... I really think that it’s the true path for BM. BM for me is not a style for masses, of course. Well, what could you tell us about it?
It’s correct, we haven’t any web-site nor Myspace. My kind of Black Metal is done of isolation, silence and obscurity and, of course, it shouldn’t done for the masses, rather, for a few of tormented and dark souls. I’m really not interested in exhibitions through ridiculous photos, declaration and live-shows. I’m interested in real obscure music and in the dark life-style behind it.
And even inside the BM style, I consider that Tenebrae In Perpetuum is one of the rawest and anti-trend band. I have your two previous full-length, "Antico Misticismo" and "Onori Funebri Rituali", and well, I really like them so much, but I have to recognize that I only have listened them three o four times each one. So much intense and agonic for me dudes! In my opinion, they are recording only for listening with a proper state of mind or humour, hust in little portions... What is your opinion about all this?
I think it’s positive if you prefer listen them during special moments only ‘cause it seams they are very deep music for you. I’m not interested to follow any trend. Someone blame us ‘cause we play old fashion Black Metal and we haven’t any strong evolution. We simply play obscure and hateful Black Metal with a strong dark atmosphere and it will be so until the end.
Well, we are finally in the questions for your most recent album "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio"! Honestly, congratulations for your work. I feel a bit tired of those bored BM acts of the actual "scene", and I have to thank you for this recording. I still have faith in BM... In my opinion it´s a recording full of darkness (with some creepy touches as well), rawness, mysticism, agony, hate, totally without compromises but "fresh" and unique at the same time... Do you agree? Ok, what could you tell us about your new album?
Well, it’s really great you like our last album so much and you feel all these deep moods. We are sure we’ve done a good work with this 3rd album. The structure and the riffs are more mature and the sound is powerful but still atmospheric, thanks to a professional mastering process. Ildanach, the new singer, have done a great work, on clean vocals particularly.
I like very much those slow parts, perhaps a bit "ritualistics", with clear voices like chorus in a dark mass... What could you tell us about them?
Slow parts are very important for Tenebrae In Perpetuum, today, like on the previous releases. This time, on those slow doomy passages, there are the killer vocals of Ildanach that increase the obscure and mystic atmosphere.
Is the evolution an important aspect for Tenebrae In Perpetuum? I think "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio" is stronger and more powerful than your previous albums (therefore the new songs are slower...) and with more diverse elements. Perhaps a bit less agonic and more reachable for the "usual" listener as well. Do you agree?
No, we aren’t interested in a strong evolution, rather we try to improve and mature our compositions, joining us to our roots. This 3rd album could be more reachable than the previous maybe thanks the powerful and clear general sound and the several tempo changes.
And, what about your lyrics? What could you tell us about them? (themes, topics, etc.) If I am not wrong, you combine lyrics written in ancient Latin with others in Italian...
Our lyrics are all in Italian language. This time Ildanach wrote 5 of the 7 texts, 1 is mine and 1 of Numinas of Krohm (USA). It isn’t important about the lyrics topics, it’s important the atmosphere they give to the music: mysticism, obscurity, etc...
This work has been released by Debemur Morti Prods. I don´t care if someone could brand me as "asshole", but I think this label is one of the most interesting ones nowadays, with some great releases from acts like Arckanum, Kult or Horna. Well, are you satisfied with their work? How this collaboration between Tenebrae In Perpetuum and Debemur Morti Prods. started?
Our collaboration started when they released the split 7" ep Horna/Tenebrae In Perpetuum back in 2005. Since that release Debemur Morti is our official label and yes, we are very satisfied about their work. When we started the collaboration they was in the beginning and now they are involved their service and distribution very much. For this 3rd Tenebrae In Perpetuum release they offered us an extremely good and professional promotion, better than the previous release, and it’s good nowadays.
And what about Black Seed Prod. label from Spain. They released your "Onori Funebri Rituali" some years ago. How was the collaboration with them?
With Black Seed was a good collaboration. Alhaz is into underground Black Metal since their beginning and knows it very well.
You have released some limited 7" splits too, so I suppose that you support these types of editions. What do you think about them? And what could you tell us about the collaborations with the other bands that played in them?
I think vinyl 7" is an important underground symbol and I support this kind of releases very much, of course. The first split ep was with Horna and was a really great release for us, very important to increase the band popularity in the underground. In 2007 we released a 4 way split ep with other 3 bands of our scene: Lorn, Near and Chelmno. We decided to release it self-produced and it a cult releases nowadays. Beside these 2 eps we release our first vinyl in 2002 ("Tenebrae In Perpetuum" ep, Serpens Caput) and the reprint of our demo on vinyl in 2006 ("The Black Flame’s Age", Debemur Morti).
The last question... What is your opinion about the current BM scene? And a very topic question that I usually don’t ask to bands, but I think it’s necessary for this time, how do you think BM may to be? Which path do you think is the correct (if there is only one path)?
During the last 2-3 years I haven’t follow the Black Metal scene and I haven’t an opinion about it. However, I think there are too much bands around and the average quality is quite low. One of the few advantage of the current economic crisis is that the bad bands will die and the labels will promote the better band only.
The Black Metal I wish? A deep underground, obscure, evil form of music/lifestyle for real involved black souls, without any ridiculous band. And this is the path that Tenebrae In Perpetuum are following.
Ok. Thanx a lot again for your time. Kind regards and "best" wishes from Spain. The last words are yours...
As always, I haven’t any message to give you. Thank you for your interesting in Tenebrae In Perpetuum. Get our last album if you want listen real infernal and brutal Black Metal. Regards!
: Origin: Italy :
: Publishing date: 19.11.2009 :