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: From the shadows the light is brighter :
        : Interview done to Monarch Erhelbeta :
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For different reasons, this interview done at the end of the summer 2010 to Israelite band Eternal Decay did not saw the light... today it do it at last, and don’t worry ‘cause it has not lost its energy... I know that for many of you it’s an unknown band, so I recommend everybody to read the review done to their first album last year (try google translator if you don’t understand Spanish, sorry), even listen to some tunes on their myspace, I think that they will surprise to more than one...
Welcome, Eternal Decay, to our humble abode, we wish you a comforting staying among these old walls... with whom we have the pleasure of talking to?
Monarch Erhelbeta - guitars and vocal.
Despite being a band with over ten years of existence, you have been until now hidden in the shadows... please, introduce us to your band, and make us a brief summary of your story...
"From The Shadows The Light Is Brighter" back in 1998 we've started playing in a bomb shelter that we lived in, most of our music served our purposes... Only in 2001 we've decided to lift the band outside of the underground, we had several shows around Israel until 2003, in late 2003 we had to cool things down because some members of the band needed to serve the army, in 2006 we returned to action with full thrust up until this day and forth on.
Two demos early in the century, but is now, almost ten years later, when you decide to make the jump with a full-length album and with a top-level presentation, why? What happened in the last year to take your project as seriously?
Well we have all ways been seriously about music, production and presentation.
As a secret I can tell you that we've have recorded this album three times before and we're unhappy with the result.
That's why it took so long for us to take it our in the level we wanted.
Eternal Decay
Eternal Decay
Eternal Decay
Eternal Decay
However, for your first album you have recovered some songs of those old demos that, as we have seen, are almost ten years old, why? Don't you think it would have been logical to start from scratch in the new journey?
We believe that music is the journey and you can't jump some crucial steps, all the songs comfort a type of state, they are relevant to each other and chained, I could not break it.
Yet know this! This album is the first step out of nine, maybe some day when all the albums will be out someone will notice the stream of energy that the compilation conform.
Because, honestly, one of the things that I missed more in " Beyond The Ties Of Flesh" has been a lack of freshness in the songs... I don't know if the other songs are more or less new, but it makes me feel as if all of them had been retouched or arranged in excess, as if the intent of continuous improvement that all the musicians have over their works, would this time have become in your against...
Hmm I think every artist has a problem in letting go his "baby" retouching is a dangerous game that I admit I participate in, maybe it would sound strange but I believe in "energy" and when I rehear the music sometimes I get a voice telling me what to change.
Musically, you are in the melodic side of black metal with a strong presence of keyboards, a style that some people could say that is a few "old fashioned" but, what do you think? Do you think that you are bringing something new to the style, or you simply are seeking to make the best music possible, the one that you feel more comfortable and identified?
We don't try to make music, we tell a musical story and don't seek musical definitions or formations, I think that our music can be identify with a few seconds of remote listening that's what tells me we're different. Unfortunately I never came across and thought that we sound alike, if I would I would buy their music right away.
The production is simply fantastic, how the idea to go to Italy flowed? Maybe in Israel there are not studios or sound engineers with enough quality or knowledge to record black metal, or simply you would not have been recorded it there for political and / or religious reasons?
Well as I said before we recorded three times before so we did try the Israeli solution with no success, about Italy... we always loved the Italian power metal production and soundwise and we wanted that influence on our albums, decision base on professional view only.
Without going too deep on the topic, I would like to know how is the daily life of a black metal band in a country so special from the religious point of view as Israel... I suppose that it must be really difficult to live this what many bands call "black metal as a way of life", am I wrong?
Israel... israhell... is probable surprised of itself, as a owner of a satanic pub/club I must say that they are no problems what so ever with extreme religious or apparel life styles in Israel, there are to many different cultures in Israel to make problem one another.
At first glance to the "Beyond the Ties Of Flesh" artwork, it could be said that conceptually you deal with anti-religious subjects, but is it really Eternal Decay an anti-religious, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic to or anti-something band? Have you felt anytime censored or persecuted for this reason? Tell us briefly what inspires you to write your lyrics...
We are not anti something in human forms (church, synagogue or mosque) we mock the celestial universe.
Nature and the course of the spiritual world inspire my lyrics hence our music, concepts like "god care of me" irritates me (sorry every one) but If "he" cared he was were stuck here exactly as you... that's some concepts from "beyond The Ties Of Flesh".
Eternal Decay
Eternal Decay
Eternal Decay
Beyond Orphaned Land and Melechesh, there are few extreme metal bands that have managed to stand out in Israel, why do you think that is owing to? Is there something similar to a scene in your country?
Israel has a large scene of great musicians, I think there's no head banger that don't play something so we have a lot of bands and no really a lot of fans, but it's still fun thou.
Another aspect that truly impressed me is the careful presentation of your work ... booklet, photography, paper and printing, promotional flyers, etc.., but not just only because the design that have created Mariano Villalba is simply amazing, you have also used really quality materials in its preparation and everything, as a whole, give you a sense of unity, complete and compact album...
Thanks we really believe that music has to come thru a specific path to let a stranger to the band enjoy and get a concept of our state of mind, also in our live shows we don't make them just as metal show it's a theatrical phenomena make sure to see us one day on stage!
And everything has been self-released!! My most sincere congratulations for the result and to have the balls enough to take the risk, but tell us, why you did it in this way? Did you try to find a label first, or directly your first option was to release it by yourselves?
We like doing things on our own, so making it all by ourselves was our way to make sure that any thing fall into place.
By the way, what kind of feedback are you being received until now? And what about the sales? I suppose that it must be more difficult to find distributors and / or magazines where to appear having to do everything by yourselves, without the support of a label... so take the advantage and tell us where someone interested in getting a copy of your album can find it...
I can't say we're competing Iron Maiden but I turns out nice, metal headers can find it our myspace revernation amazon ebay and a lot more just search "Eternal Decay".
We are closing to the end... future plans in short and medium terms...
We are working to set up a European tour for 2011 something about 40-50 shows across then we'll land back in Italy to record "Purity And The Sins Crest" our second full-length album.
Expect the best.
Are you already working on a new album, or we will have to wait eight years more to hear from you again? I hope not!!! Please, tell us more or less in which musical direction the new songs will be moving...
The new album will be out next year, it's a concept album that take us to a journey in time 600 years back to a small village in England, any one who like an insight to the new album is welcome to see us on tour we'll be playing some songs from it, or maybe some time soon we'll put on myspace scathes of it.
Well guys, this is it all for us... thank you very much for your time and all the best in the future with the band, hope to see you soon again in this land... the last words, as always, are yours...
Remember the name Eternal Decay if you get a chance come and visit Israel and have a drink with us, or when we'll meet on concert we will drink with you horn up!
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