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The debut album of these insane hungarians, "Posercrusher", has became one of those stuffs I hear again and again since arrived to my hands. I was really looking forward to have a deep talk with these dudes and the upcoming release of their new full-lenght album, "Horns of the Wasted", was a perfect chance. Well, I must admit that maybe the final interview is the most rowdiest in the history of our Vampiria, although this band is one of the the most proper for that, so perhaps we may lose with it a part of our few readers hahaha... Recommended reading with a good cold beer in hands.
Saludos Bastardos! Whats up there? Here is fucking hot!! Summer is a shit I guess...
Blizz: Hey Skelos! Hehe, I don't like summer either, actually I really hate it. You know things are a bit confusing here but I can say we are fine.
Yeep. I know the last news about the band... Could you tell us a little about them for our readers?
Blizz: Well as some of you already heard, our guitarist Pete Fire has been diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. His treatments have already started but the whole thing could take up to 6 months or so. Due to this we had to cancel all of our shows for this year. Of course we won't stop working and together we decided to write our third upcoming album and to make up for all the canceled shows in spring after Pete gets better. And of course the new album Horns Of The Wasted will be out on Hells Headbangers Records this month.
Fuck bro, of course the health of Pete is the first. But I can't help to think this happens in a bad time for the band... The upcoming released of your new album with a new label, the shows cancelled etc. Unfortunately the "Hungarian Damnation" seems to attack again...
Blizz: Of course to all of us his health is the most important. And yeah his sickness came in the worst period, before the album release and many cool shows etc. But the band's things are all irrelevant on this level. On the other hand many fucked up things happened with us in the past like stolen instruments, line-up changes etc, but for sure Pete's sickness is the worst of all. But we all truly hope Pete gets better sooner than the doctors expect and we can return to the stages as soon as possible.
Ok, lets talk about your "Horns of Wasted". When exactly its planned to be released?
Blizz: As I've mentioned the album will be out this month, exactly on 31st of August.
Drünken Bastards
Drünken Bastards
Drünken Bastards
Great! Hope we can arrive to the end of this nuclear August for getting the album hehe. Are the members of the band a bit impatient or exciting this previous days?
Blizz: What a fucking stupid question is this dude? You know all of the Drünken Bastards members wait for only one thing, namely the nuclear holocaust. Seriously of course we all wait to get our copies in our hands!
D-beat Hasselhoff: I am quite excited, since I love this band since the very second I found out they exist. Just as I was excited about joining the band, the same way cant wait to. hold the record in my hand We all put tons of effort in it, and the biggest the reward is moment when you finally have it released.
I think that the sign with a label like Hell´s Headbanger it´s an important step in the history of the band. Am I right? What could you tell us about it?
Blizz: That has been the most important thing in the band's history up to now. I worked with many labels over the years but HHR is way better than any other label. Their bands, products and attitude are very professional and represent high quality. In general I can say HHR is on a different level from most of the other underground recordings and we are extremely proud that we can work with them.
Frankly I consider "Horns of the Wasted" supposes an important "evilution" to your previous works, better sound, a songs a bit more complex and structured, etc. I suppose you are agree with that hehe. Do you want to add anything more about the album?
Blizz: I can absolutely agree with you. A natural development can be heard on Horns Of The Wasted compared to Posercrusher, thanks to the new members and to the facts we became better musicians and this time we could work in professinal studios. But on the other hand I think we could keep the raw power of the previous album, just on a higher level.
D-beat Hasselhoff: Yes. Its gonna be a journey on a spiked flying saucer to hell.
Now I may speak about some aspects that I dont like very much about the album... hehe... First of all, its so fucking short!! In the other hand some of the songs are re-recording of old songs. What could you tell us about that dudes?
Blizz: We are not the fucking Dream Theater. Why would we want to compose 1 hour long albums? Our metal is violent, fast as a nuclear warhead and of course short. With the re-recorded songs we wanted to show the real potential of those old pieces to our audience.
D-beat Hasselhoff: Well, the main reason for this was, that preparing for the first show, we learned songs, and finished a few, and this record is a great way to close a chapter in the new line up's existence when we did only learn how to play the tunes. Its better to have on the next record songs that the current line up wrote from the first to the last second. As for the lenght, we dont have time to watch the clock.
Drünken Bastards
Drünken Bastards
Drünken Bastards
Drünken Bastards
Drünken Bastards
Hehehe... Honestly I only wait more new punk-metal hymns made by Drünken Bastards, I'm hungry for a bit of blood...
Blizz: The third one will contain only new hymns bro.
Changing the topic, Drünken Bastards is one of the bands I am in touch with its nearer of the "slogan" "sex, drugs and rock n´roll". Do you think that your way of understand metal is a reflection of your lifes?
Blizz: Sometimes. We live fast and some of us have different addictions as well. All in all I don't think we would be the biggest junkies on the planet but we love partying and basically we all live the rock n' roll life. Enough to think of our lyrics, some of them are based on true stories or contain parts which truly happened to us.
Well in the next questions possibly some maniac feminist try to kick us but... Some of your lyrics... "The perfect girl" , "Alcholic Big Tits"... What do you think about women? Do you consider them a true bitches?
Blizz: Haha, Drünken Bastards don't play for feminists for sure. But man I love women, especially real sluts haha, while on the other hand I respect them as well. And I'm sure my bandmates think the same except Skeletonizer. He hasn't respect towards the girls or towards anything else that moves.
Skeletonizer: Nah I respect wood. Do you respect wood?
And following the line, perhaps the classic look of a metal-head is ugly, dirty and watching porn most part of the time (like me...) and I'm sure metal sluts love members of a band etc. Do you experiment more succesful with the horny and sweet girls being a part of a band, in your gigs, etc... Please, dont ommit any detail!!
Blizz: Maybe like you, not me haha. Well dude, I don't like metal sluts, I prefer real sluts with cool clothes and make-ups etc., so I can't tell you any interesting stories. Ok, I accept it depends on the girl itself not on the clothes etc, but in general most of the trendy sluts look far far better than the metal bitches.
Hahaha... I am total agree with you! Fuck, unfortunately most of the girls who go to the concerts are fat and ugly as hell, with those horrible stockings and boots.... We want more porn models in the Metal scene!!! hahaha
Blizz: Exactly, who the fuck cares about those girls while we have Sandra...
Hehehe. About your gigs. It seems in the videos etc, you give shows full of energy and metal spirit. Do you think btw Drünken Bastards is a band for concerts? In some aspects its like all the fun of the releases, with the mates, etc.. explodes over the stage.
Blizz: Absolutely. The style we play is real live music. Although we are always better on the albums than on our concerts due to the huge load of alcohol and other funky things but you can expect speed, blood and nuclear hymns if you visit a Drünken Bastards live massacre. And I truly hope one day I can kick into your face from the stage.
Hahaha... Yeah, be sure about that bro, one future day... But be aware of my killer contra-karate kick.
Blizz: I see you also grew up in the Barbatos school...
In some of your live videos there are a lot of young people, maybe teenagers. I think that is fucking cool. There is a good future for Metal, a fresh air, too many old metal balded heads only in underwear all day in their homes (again like me...) in the scene...
Blizz: I hate both teenagers and old farts on the same level, so I really don't care if there's fresh blood in the scene or not.
Shit bro... I have no more silly questions in mind. Oh, yes, one more please. About religion, etc... One of my old aunts told me sometimes: "be a good boy or you will go to hell". Fuck, I prefer go to hell. Heaven has to be terrible bored, full of peace, white angels without genitals, etc... Hell will be full of horny bitches and Satan has to be a great mate to drink as well...
Blizz: Hell yeah man, the grandmaster is the best drinking mate ever, so let's go to hell and Drink with Satan!
Alright, that's all. Thanks a lot for your answers. We hope you have had at least a cool time with some of the answers. The best for the future for the band (I can see you touring with fuckin' Motörhead) and for you mates. A special satanik hug to Pete. Get well soon!! Close this "intelligent" intie like your balls say...
Thanks for the offer Skelos and be careful with the hooligans on the night buses!
Motherfucker in the sky.
Bastardos 2010
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: Origin: Hungary :
: Publishing date: 28.08.2010 :