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This time we change the course of our past interviews and show you a very close and intimate conversation with Johannes, vocals and guitars of the German band called Isolation. They follow in a certain way that depressive and a bit agonic BM vein, but with a lot of and varied elements that make them in our opinion a "special" band. I would like to thank the sincerity in the answers of J., completely away from the cliches of the genre. Well, fortunately one can still find good people after the cool bands we like, not only "phantoms"...
Isolated regards guys! Thanx a lot for your time with this interview, I opine your band is really interesting and "different". Well, how the things goes there in Germany? Here it´s horribly hot but perhaps it´s a good time for listening your music don´t you think?
Hey, thanks for your kind words. Here in Germany it was really, really hot like two weeks ago, but now it has cooled down and we've had some rain. I actually don't know, wether that would be a good time to listen to our music. Personally I'd probably fancy an autumn day which is still warm, but you can already feel the impending winter. But to each his own of course.
And what about the band? Your last work, "Bleak", was released almost 2 years ago. Is there new stuff in progress?
Yes, things have become rather silent I guess. We all had our personal affairs to handle, but we've been busy writing new material nonetheless and we are in the last steps of recordings our debut album. In addition to that "Bleak" will be rereleased on 2LP very soon, with an updated mix and I have rerecorded the clean vocals.
Could you tell us a little bio about the band (with your works that have been released or not) for all the readers who still dont know Isolation?
We formed the band around 2004 / 2005 and we released our first demo "Striding on the Path of Nihil" in 2006. This was Albert on drums, our former bassist Kalle and me, Johannes, on guitar. In the same year we also recorded our second demo "A Prayer for the World to end". The next release was "Hier am Ende der Welt" in 2007, which we recorded as duo without Kalle. But he later rejoined us to play some live shows that summer. But afterwards he left the band for good, since he went to study in Sweden. Then we released our split with our friends from Austere (R.I.P.) as duo again.
In the meantime our label Eisenwald Tonschmiede has released a compilation of the last two demos and will hopefully soon release our yet untitled debut album. So after releasing Bleak in 2008 we started to work on our album and were joined by our new bassist Andre. Everything took a bit longer – on the one hand due to personal setbacks, but most prominently because we took our time to take our music on the next level before taking the step of doing an album.
That's about it I guess and not too interesting as well.
Well, I want to go directly to the abyss without go rounds. Some aspects of Isolation really attract and inspires me. Perhaps the most important one is I try to discover new sounds and atmospheres in the fucking underground and I find them in your music. I consider it unique and different. Are you agree with me? Is one of your main goals to create a type of BM away from the current scene?
We are of course happy when people perceive us that way. Without a certain amount of uniqueness art is pointless in my opinion. I have no problem with people playing music just for fun of course, but I don't see that as art or self-expression. Wether we are "unique and different" is for the listener to judge in any case. Sometimes there are people who think of us as "just another BM-band" while others share your view. We can only try to make our music sound as good as possible.
Well, I don't see setting us apart from the current scene as one of our main goals. These things either happen naturally or not at all. Of course sometimes we have a riff or a drum pattern, which sounds too generic, so we kick it, but it's not like we're actively trying to be oh so different.
In most of the places people opine your music fix with the depressive and even suicide BM genre. I am not in total accord with these opinions. Yes, melancholia and depressive aspects could be important elements in Isolation but I think your music try to reach beyond them. One can find different passages and styles in it, not only raw BM. What do you opine about this?
Basically Depressive Black Metal is where we started our as a band, but I find that we've been moving away from that ever since. We enjoy different kinds of music and are very open to new influences to our music. Generally we just play the music we feel like as a band, without thinking about a certain genre. Of course Isolation has certain conceptual boundaries too, but we are not too strict about that.
Your works until now have been released in small and knowed underground labels in limited editions, some of them on old tapes, etc. Anyway I feel a lot of professionality in your work. You are good musicians, like I just mentioned, with perhaps other roots in your way of play that not only Metal (jazz/rock/psychodelic etc.). Is this the situation you want stay, in the fang of the underground or perhaps your goal is to reach a more known status, being more professional, releasing for big labels, etc.? Being honest I think you easily could obtain a "better status".
Thanks for the compliment. Well, maybe we could have reached a better status as you put it by now. Part of the reason we are still pretty much underground is that we've changed our style frequently, not played live much and you have to keep in mind that we still have not even released an album.
But actually I am very happy with the status we have already. With Eisenwald we have a great, supportive label and since there are even people wanting to interview us there must be at least some minimal awareness. When we started it was my dream to have professional CD of our band and later on it was vinyl. We have released a couple of Cds and vinly is upcoming, so I am fully satisfied.
For the futures we'll carry on as before and don't aim for a specific carreer or something. If people like our stuff and we hit the charts that cool, if we nobody cares and the band fades into oblivion we've had our fun. But probably our status as a band will remain more or less the same and we will eat, sleep and shit as before.
How is the process of writting a song for you? What inspirations and aims you follow? And finally, is there a special message behind the music?
Usually I prepare some material at home, play it to the other guys in a raw version and then we create the actual song from it. For most of our songs we have rehearsed them over and over again and made a lot of changes before finalizing them. But there are also exceptions, when songs happen rather spontanous.
I don't think I have any direct inspirations for writing music. All the music I listened to and the books I read leave their impressions and sometimes it gives me ideas, but that is normally more or less "what I pick up along the way" and not something I am actively seeking out.
If there is an aim behind the band, it would probably be to write songs, which succeed to transport emotions. There is no special message behind the music like do or don't do this or that and there is also none like "life is futile, hail negativity". If you'd want to extract a message or a main theme, it would probably be something like "nothing in this universe is built to last, everything in life is fleeting and ultimately meant to fade away". But this doesn't have to mean everything is futile, you can also see it in a carpe diem kind of way.
I would like to talk a bit about the "evolution" of the band. In my opinion in your first 2 demos you followed more or less a "typical" misanthropic and raw BM, but in those works one can appreciate some special and characteristic signs in your music. I think you reach to an other "level" in your EP "Hier am Ende der Welt" and finally your path "crystalize" in your split with Austere entitled "Bleak". Are you according with these words?
Yeah, that the way we see it as well. Only do I think that Bleak was just a temporary rest along the journey as well. Our upcoming album sounds different than Bleak for sure. More diverse, hopefully more intense and ultimately less bleak, hehe. How the story continues after the album time will tell. But I doubt that we will reach the point very soon, where we can sit back and say "Okay, this is the style we were aiming at, now we'll to 15 album in that vein".
Btw, for when a complete full-lenght of Isolation dudes? Will your next stuff follow more or less the same path than your songs in "Bleak"?
I have answered to that in the previous questions already, but for those who are not bored already: We will release our debut album hopefully very soon and it is mostly finished. The songs will be different from Bleak. They will be less (black) metal, more diverse, not as long a Mosaic and of course our new bassist brings a completely new flavour with him.
To finish the interview, is your music a reflection of your experiences in this life? Do you really think life is so obscure, hopelesness...? Being honest, I am a bit tired of all that people who always are crying about how cruel is life hehe... Please, tell us a little your impressions, point of views about life.
Well, partly Isolation is a reflection of my life, but since Isolation follows a concept of melancholy and so on, it is very one-sided concerning personal reflections. There are experiences that influenced me and play a role in Isolation, but that doesn't mean, they are of such a great importance in my everyday life. In other words just because you play in a gloomy band doesn't mean you have to be depressive individuals 24/7 as well (and we are not). Certainly we all have a certain streak towards melancholy and that is the way we like our music, but I wouldn't even consider that negative. We try to be as happy as possible, be nice to everyone and live a good life and we like melancholic music. That's all.
Life kicks you in the teeth and it kicks you again when you are down and then again it offers you limitless beauty. But without experiences both sides, our lifes would not be complete. My personal point of view is, we will die anyway, in many cases rather sooner than later, so one should seize his days to get the most out of them while we are still here.
Alright. Thanks a lot for your time. Congratulations for your music and hope you follow your excellent work mates. Best for all of you! Please, the last words are yours...
Thanks again for your kind words and thank you for interviewing us. Good luck for you and your mag!
Slit your wrists!

P.S.: For those interested, our bassist Andre is also about to record the debut album of his other band Allmacht. They have released a demo last year as well. The style is atmospheric black metal, so you might wanna give them a try, if you are into that.
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