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Recurrimos una vez más a uno de esos topicazos para presentaros a la banda que nos ocupa en esta nueva entrevista: “Cuando esto comenzó, ellos ya estaban allí”. Y es que, de acuerdo, un hecho claro es que en los últimos años para bien o para mal se está dando un “resurgir” de bandas que mezclan Black con el viejo Thrash. Pero hace 10 años si a uno le preguntaban sobre ellas, nombraría a los Aura Noir y pocos más. Bien, los alemanes Blizzard se encontraban ya en ese grupo reducido, decantándose por una actitud gamberra, bastante punki y cafre, posiblemente causada por ingentes cantidades de alcohol...
Hey Balor/Blizzard. Thanx a lot for your time answering these silly questions. Well, how are going the things there in Germany with you and the band?
Hell - Ö! Things are going well here in Germany with my and of course hellfucking Blizzard!
Sorry for the topic question, but could you give us a little bio about Blizzard, albums released, unforgettable parties full of whiskey with the mates, etc.
Blizzard was formed back in 1998 by Atze (G,V) and me (D). We released the "Alcoholic Metal Mayhem" Demo in 1999, the "Hellish Rock ´N´ Metal" 7" EP in 2000, the split 7" EP with Witchburner "United Forces Of Metal Raging War" in 2000, the "Pure Filth And Mayhem" LP in 2001, the "The Return Of Pure Filth And Mayhem" 7" EP in 2008, the "Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon" CD/LP in 2009 and the forthcomming split 10" EP "United Mewtal Punks" in 2010 since than.
Yeah, I had heard so much about Blizzard but it was some weeks ago when I decided to prove with you and to get your last release “The Roaring Tanks Of Armagaddon”. Well, how would you describe this album? Any anecdotic to mention from the recording sessions?
The album is full of dirty hellfucking Metal shit. We recorded the album in our own little garage-studio "The Halls Of Manannan" where the Morrigan stuff was recorded, too in four days of total drunkenness and alcoholic coma.
Honestly, I haven’t listened to your previous works, sorry man... But, fuck, it’s powerful, full of needle and anger, with some dirty punk and rock and roll touches in my opinion. I don’t know why, but “The Roaring Tanks Of Armagaddon” seems to be like a “final result” of your previous efforts, as if you find your “definitive way” with it. Do you agree with me? What could you tell us about this?
No, not really... the "The Roaring Tanks Of Armagaddon" album is the logical consequence of our previous work. If you don’t believe me listen to the old shit and you will hear it by yourself har,har,har... Blizzard is and was and will be in future nothing more than dirty played alcohol stinking hellfucking Metal stuff!!!!!
I would like to talk specially about two of your tracks, “Whore Rock” and “Kiss The Sun Before You Go”, in a really different vein from the “classic” Black / Thrash assaults, in a more rocking vein... What could you tell us about these songs?
We always had songs in this fucking rocking vein. Just listen to our old songs "Blizzard" or "Alcoholyptic Nightmares". Also I don’t think that the two mentioned songs are in another way than the rest of this album. We always had songs like the two mentioned on our previous releases since 1998.
You are going to gig with the kamikazes of Abigail in April (shit, no date here in Spain). What about it? Are you excited with it? How is a show of Blizzard? Frankly, I think that your style is one of the better for playing live, for people dancing and going insane, etc...
Well, we don´t play with Abigail, we play with Barbatos! Yasuyuki is an old friend of us and after we came up with the idea to do the "United Metal Punks" split 10" EP we want to complete this split with a tour across central Europe.
Our gigs are full of violence on and in front of the stage and it is really a pleasure to play shows with the Blizzard.
I love Blizzard mainly for one aspect (apart from your music, of course), your dirty and old school attitude. By the holy goat, I am so booored of all those bands that seems to forget the basic thing in this fucking “business”: the METAL!! Some of them try to reach to some “significant meanings” or shits like these with their music. And I opine that the joy of the music, to have fun, hang our heads insanely are just the key. Well, what do you think about this?
Great that you like our shit, har,har,har! Well, I see it similar as you! I’m also tired of all this wannabe evil shitheads in the so-called Black Metal scene that don’t know from where comes the music they listen...
Have you ever seen the film Conan? What are the best things for you in this fucking life?
What a question... Of course I´ve seen the Conan films and they are great, but to speak the truth I prefer the first one...
The best things for me in this fucking live are to play music, get drunk and sometimes stoned... Sex and drugs and Rock´N´Roll man!!!!!
And what about your influences? Which are your all time favourite bands? Your music reminds me a lot to Motörhead and sometimes to Sodom (in their crust vein)? Do you agreed?
Well, Motörhead is of course a big influence of Blizzard, but there are many others like Warfare, Bulldozer, Venom, Carnivore, Fingernails, At War, Tank, etc...
I'm sorry, but I would like to ask you a question about your other band Morrigan (I have more stuff from Morrigan than from Blizzard, sorry dude...). I really like its old sound as well, and many times I consider Morrigan as a Pagan band with great very classic metal touches. Are the band still active? Any recent news about it?
Of course Morrigan is still active. We will release a new album later this year. The only thing is, that we stopped to play live, because in the past we played to often and to speak the truth: All this fucking wannabe rue evil shitheads that hang around on (Black) Metal concerts make me wanna puke!
Actually many Metal bands are rising following the old path, with Thrash/Metal and dirty Rock and Roll touches. Some people begin to critize this fact... Well, what is your opinion about this “resurrection”?
I don’t give a shit about it! Blizzard started back in 1998 and in this time there was only a few bands like Gehennah, Impaled Nazarene or Aura Noire goes this way of hellfuckien Metal.
Could you tell us a little about the next plans for Blizzard?
In two weeks we will start the tour with Barbatos. After the tour we will play some gigs and start with the songwriting for the next album that we will record in spring next year.
Thanx a lot for your time Balor. Hope you had a cool time here in this dark castle. If you wish, you can stay this night here. We have some “rock whores”, if you want to have a pleasant time... Anyway, please give the last words to our readers, mate...
Await the end when the Blizzard crushes you down har,har,har...
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