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Fuck, this is great dudes! Chuck Keller and Ares Kingdom here in Vampi! I am writting this shit and I can´t still believe it... So this man started with the music when most of us were playing marbles yet. Have to retreat quickly cause I can’t contribute much in the pressence of this true monsters... Be quiet, please. The lesson begins...
Hails Mighty Ares Kingdom!!! Thanx a lot for giving us your time answering these questions... Well, how things go there in the USA dudes?
Very well. We’re preparing for the release of “Incendiary” and for our assault on Berlin next month at the NWN Festival, along side many other great bands!
According with your myspace your new album “Incendiary” will be released by Nuclear War Now Prod. in November, only about in a pair of weeks... Wow... that is a fucking great news. How are your aims with this new release? You are in the scene soooo many years ago but I supose you feel some kind of excitation with “Incendiary” these days of waiting hehe... Please, tell us more...
“Incendiary” picks up where “Return To Dust” left off, musically, conceptually and lyrically, but goes much further in each department. I’m more excited and confident about this release than any other I’ve been involved in throughout my career. The aim is simple, further develop what we started and push personal and stylistic boundaries as far as possible.
Ares Kingdom
Ares Kingdom
Ares Kingdom
Ares Kingdom
And what could you tell us about the process of composition, recording and the little details you consider relevant of “Incendiary”?
I write the music and lyrics, so the process is pretty simple as long as you don’t see the time I spend working - getting frustrated, triumphant, disappointed, frustrated again and the truly triumphant over each song I write. I take demos of the songs to Mike and tell him what I’m looking for in the drums and let him create his own parts around my music and tempos. Then Alex and I will work on bass parts based on my basic blueprint, but then counting on him adding his own style to it and the vocals. Same for Doug.
Mmhh... Your last full-length (and debut) album “Return To Dust” is a little jewel in my opinion... To be honest, I am the kind of metal guy that don't like very much the word “evilution” in a band... But, which new elements do you think you have put in your new stuff? Which are the most significative differences between “Return To Dust” and “Incendiary”? I only hope we could shaking our heads like possesed again listen it!!!
Metal is a unique form of music. Stylistically it is a huge umbrella that includes bands as seemingly far apart as Hellhammer and Dragonforce, yet both are clearly “metal,” a fact made all the more strange by the fact that so many of metal’s fans are very conservative about their music. Evolution is a good word to me since it simply means ‘change over time.’ If a band changes overnight, that’s not evolution, that’s change for its own sake and often disingenuous.If a band evolves slowly and honestly, as a band like Samael has, I think it’s very healthy. No musician stays the same throughout their career, and I’d argue if they do they’re not really a musician. I’ve been writing music for over 22 years and believe I’ve made huge strides in my abilities across the board - from composition to performance... but I still seem to have the same fans, so there has to be a reason, and I think its our consistency, which is difficult to define, but fans know it when they hear it.
The best thing about “Incendiary” is simply that it takes what we did on “Return To Dust” and multiplies it many times. Better than being new for its own sake, this is further refinement of a singular ideal.
Talking about your music. Obviously I can't listen your new material yet (and sorry but I prefer listen to and enjoy it in a “real” format men!!!), but “Return To Dust”, in my expert opinion of old metalhead (hahaha...), is a perfect mix between two aged styles like Thrash and Death Metal (more Thrash perhaps...), but really it sounds fresh and new... Yeah... perhaps one can find some influences but truly they are not necessaries to mention because Ares Kingdom sounds only like fucking Ares Kingdom! Well, what could you tell us about this?
Yes, we hear that a lot. Everyone is used to bands fitting into neat little musical categories, like black metal, death metal, thrash metal, etc, but we don’t consider ourselves a part of any sub-genre, and that’s why we also think Ares Kingdom sounds fresh and new, even if the use of both those words to describe us is relative. I’ve said for years we’re a band for those that are upset Slaughter Lord, Mefisto and Poison never got to record proper albums...
Following the line... Perhaps the aspect I love most of Ares Kingdom is the brutality and forcefulness of your music... The power one can feel inside of your work. Yeah... you play fuckingly well but the “technical” aspects are less important than the “feelings” for me... Your songs generally are long, varied with many riffs and so well estructured too... but I can sense naturality or simplicity between the melodies... Ok, do you agree with my words?
Very true. Technicality is important to me as a performer, but not at the expense of the music. I’m not the kind of guitarist that will write an album that is more or less an extended guitar solo, although sometimes I think that would be rather fun. A couple of the songs on “Return to Dust” were long, yeah, but the rest were varied, and not just in running time; there were fast, slow, midpaced and outright heavy songs throughout. “Incendiary” is very much like that as well, and only has one 8 minute song, “Abandon In Place;” two that clock in at over 7 minutes, “Descent Of Man” and “Beasts That Perish,” and the rest run from 3 - 6 minutes. It also has an equal variety of songs as “Return to Dust”, and as I mentioned before, to an even greater extreme. The fast songs are faster than anything on “Return to Dust”, the heavy songs are heavier than “Return to Dust”, and the epic songs are just plain more epic.
Sorry. Perhaps you are a bit tired of this topic. But I think the path of Ares Kingdom are inevitably united to Order From Chaos (Arghhhh!!!...). Well folks, what could you tell us about this? Differences between them, what band is actually more active etc... BTW any new of Order from Chaos to mention?
Everyone knows Ares Kingdom includes 2/3 of Order From Chaos. I wrote most of the music in Order From Chaos - and all the music in Ares Kingdom, so it stands to reason the bands would be compared. Also that everyone in Ares Kingdom was intimately involved with Order From Chaos in some capacity from a very early date. Doug has been there since the days before Order From Chaos and Alex joined the Bastard Squad in 1990. The biggest difference between the bands is that Ares Kingdom has no expiration date. We’re still in the habit of exploring unconventional topics against the backdrop of our traditional metal influences. We’re still working out details of the Order From Chaos reunion shows, but this is in no way permanent and there will be no new material. Ares Kingdom remains the main band for us all.
Ares Kingdom
Ares Kingdom
Ares Kingdom
You have recorded some EPs and demos as well, so I suppose that you support this type of releases. What could you tell us about it? BTW your label Nuclear War Now Prod. is planning to release a die-hard version in vinyl (if I am not wrong) for “Incendiary”. This idea is yours or from the label? I like a lot these kind of versions but, honestly, sometimes I see them a bit like a “business”, if all my faves bands releases a die-hard limited edition I would have to sell my own house to buy them... Well, what is your opinion about all this?
Yeah, we love doing singles, though we don’t have any planned for the new album. One of the reasons we went with Nuclear War Now Prod. in 2004/5 was because of the ‘die hard’ concept, though. As artists, the palate Nuclear War Now Prod. gives us to work on die-hard versions is as vast as it is rare in the music business. Of course there are some bands on the label that don’t fully utilize the creative space they’re given, but Ares Kingdom does. If Nuclear War Now Prod. signs you its only because YK has a personal interest in your music and will spare almost no expense to help you put out a package that is limited only by your imagination. There is no other label I’m aware of that is like that. Also, Nuclear War Now Prod. pours nearly all the money it makes back into new releases. Its not like YK is getting rich from running a label that spends tens of thousands of dollars on one run of a single release. The music is usually the same on die-hard versions as it is the regular releases, so if you don’t want to drop so much money on the deluxe package, you can still get the music and lyrics (the most important part, after all) for a reasonable sum. That said, the regular version of “Incendiary” will be almost as lavish as the die-hard...
We arrive to the last questions mates... What could you tell us about the metal scene in your zone?
We exist in a vacuum here in Missouri. There is more of a scene here now than there was in the Order From Chaos days, but we don’t venture out much, so we still view the greater metal scene - national and international - from the outside. One thing that has changed here is that Kansas City has a great club called the Riot Room, which books a lot of metal. Because of them Ares Kingdom has already played here at home more than Order From Chaos did. Its true our vacuum is self-imposed. There are good bands here, but none doing anything outside conventional metal sub-genres, and every city on earth has bands like that.
And what about your shows. You will play (if the Devil wish so... hehe) in Berlin very soon. What could you tell us about your shows? A fucking remote possibility to visit Spain some day?
AK shows are even more focused and savage than Order From Chaos’s. We’re consistently called the loudest band many clubs have dealt with (ie those that have never hosted Motorhead, ha ha), and our approach is slash and burn. Yeah, I’d love to visit and play Spain some day. So much grand history to explore there in our off time. Its all a question of money for flights, etc!
Thats all Ares Kingdom. A fucking pleasure your nice visit to this old and underground castle!! The last words are yours bros!
Watch our website and our myspace for up-to-the-minute news on the release of "Incendiary." You will also find live videos from several recent shows linked from our sites on You Tube. For downloaders, “Return To Dust” is available at cdbaby. “Incendiary” will be posted there immediately upon release as well. We have a few “Firestorms and Chaos” shirts left, and of course “Return to Dust” CD/LPs, “Firestorm Redemption” 12” Eps. Check it out!
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