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We follow the old path of the good Metal of ever. At this time we present you a new band from Sweden, maniacs from the 2nd War World. We hope you have a good time and laugh a bit reading it, because it has been one of the funniest conversation with a band we have had the pleasure to talk lastly. Waiter, bring us those fucking beers now!! Attitude and good metal. Fuck! One of the best things in this damned world!!
Hey Legions of War! How goes the things there in the North? I hope you have a bit colder than here. This summer is being horrible here in Malaga!
Hails Vampiria magazine! It’s alright up here, cold weather and warm beers He he! So it’s hot in Malaga? But I guess you have some cold beers to comfort yourself with?
Well, could you tell a short bio of the band and your works recorded until now? Anything anecdotic to mention during these years?
We started to rehearsal during the winter anno 2002/2003. It was Zyklon (Guitar and vocals) and I, C.Stalinorgel (Drums) from the start but we soon realized that we needed more warriors. In 2004 Widowreaper (Lead Guitar) enjoyed us and we completed our first demo “Proclamation of war” (2005). During these days we thought we would take care of all the recording by ourselves which maybe wasn’t a very good decision. We had only one good microphone for the drums and we lined that one to a small old audio portable studio, rather different to all computerized recordings around here nowadays. Then we recorded the guitar in my house with kids running around and screaming. They were fascinated of what we were doing and couldn’t stay away so my children got recorded as well! Very metal!! The drums sound pretty good after all but I’m not sure if my satanic kids left a message or not beneath those guitars He he! Then we drafted Hellwind (Bass and backing vocals) to our force and we recorded the demos “In the snipers eye” (2007) and “Mission to kill” (2008) before we got a record deal with Inferno records. Those demos were recorded in a more proper studio, our local BBC studios.
What could you tell us about your album “Towards Death”? How was the process of composition (musically and lyrically)? Anything interesting to mention?
Well, “Towards death” contain both material from the demos and of course some new songs. We write the music in the rehearsal room. Hellwind, Zyklon and Widowreaper comes up with the riff and I usually write the lyrics, not all thou. Anyway, we try to keep the LEGIONS OF WAR sound/feeling in a song when we write them and that’s mean that we try to get 70 % Black/thrash metal and 30% heavy metal or something like that. Of course we get away from the “formal” sometimes, but if its feels right then it probably are right. Something interesting? Nothing special really. We drink a few beers and do our best in the studio. Try to capture the feeling and energy from the rehearsal room. But sometimes when the adrenalin start to pump a little too much a song can get much faster than expected, that happened with “Reflections from the past”. It got so fast that Zyklon couldn’t sing all the words. Hellwind helped him out so it went out to be “double vocals” on that tune too. We have some songs that are meant to be two singers on, like for an example “Lamentations through the silence”. Hellwind will probably get more space in the future because it sounds real good when they sing/scream together.
Legions Of War
Legions Of War
Legions Of War
Legions Of War
Sincerely, I opine the final sound of the album is not all the perfect it might to be. Really I don’t love those all clear and nice productions, but I consider the sound of your release a bit dirty for the style you play. Are you according with this?
Thanks for your honesty (Note: as others that they angry for a little feed-back!). Hmm... I use to say that our engineer Johan is a hell of a studio guy since he can “make gold out of shit”! I like the sound. Its soft to ones ear but still with that little dirt which sometimes is needed. I guess you’ve heard “Another perfect day” with motorhead, that record is soft melodic but dirty. But we’re not motorhead of course and don’t have Robertsson on guitar either (Note: well, to be honest, I prefer Fast Eddie Clarke on guitars!). But that’s a great recording. Well, we tried to get a mix between rawness, dirtiness and a more well produced sound on “Towards death”. But maybe you are right that we could have a bit more sharpness in the sound.
Talking about your music and “influences”. I opine you are in debt with 80´s Thrash Metal, both from the German Thrash Metal and Bay Area’s Thrash. What is your opinion about it? What scene would you chose? Germany or San Francisco? And what 3 basic albums you consider the most important for what Thrash Metal is nowadays?
Yeah, we pick up some riff from that period. Except for Slayer I guess we take most influence from the German scene with bands like Kreator and Sodom when we talk about riffs for LEGIONS OF WAR. Hellwind loves Overkill so he may not agree. I would put my vote on the German scene and “Extreme aggression” and “Persecution mania” are extremely important albums. I can’t get around “Reign blood” even if I would like too. It’s such a standard choice. But Slayer is Slayer. Then I like a lot of the bay arena bands too, like Testament and so on.
I think you take some influences from NWOBHM. What bands of this wave are your favourites?
It’s true of course. We have grown up with those groups. But not just NWOBHM, all the eighties metal bands are important to us. Bands like Manowar, Motorhead, Accept, Saxon, Judas priest, Wasp, Venom, the list can go on forever I guess.
And what about your inspirations? Perhaps your main inspiration is the War: battles, weapons, military, etc. Are you agreeing? What could you tell us about it? I have the impression there is an element of critic in it as well, am I right?
Yes, war is an important inspiration for LEGIONS OF WAR, of course, World War II in particular. I’m very glad that you have recognized the criticism in the lyrics. It’s a bit of irony in the lyrics which I don’t think everyone will notice. I used to play punk/crust years ago and that has affected me a bit. There’s no political statement in the lyrics or so but maybe a critic of all the stupidity which comes with war and insane leaders. I write 80 % of the lyrics so this discussion it’s my personal views.
You have released “Towards Death”under the French label Inferno Records. Are you satisfied with the work of this label with you? How is being this collaboration?
Yeah, the cooperation has been very good so far. Fabien and Beatrice are dedicated and serious metalheads. Of course it’s a small label and they don’t have a lot of money but they do their best for their bands. They are easy to get along with and we’re satisfied with their work.
Returning to the topic of the war I opine almost all the thematic of Legions of War turns around the World War II, since the cover (a famous picture taked in the Omaha Beach in the Normandy Landings), the lyrics of your songs, our promotional pics and the video clip that the cd includes as bonus. But, please, tell us, why did you chose this theme? Only for telling historic happenings or are there another reasons for it?
When we started up the two of us had to have a subject that we both could rely too and stand for. I couldn’t stand up for a theme about sacrifice goats even if I think it’s a very good subject for metal music. But I could not write serious lyrics about that. And Zyklon couldn’t stand up for some political stuff or something like that. But war we both can write lyrics about and one can “attack” the subject from different directions. This is the main reason why. And World War II is the most fascinated war with all the insanity it brought up to our world. It’s an endless inspiration.
I love the old war Films based in the 2nd World War like “Where Eagles Dare”, “The Dirty Docen”, “Patton”, “Kelly’s Heroes”, “Cross of Iron” (this one different from the rest but possibly it’s my favourite one, hehe), etc... I opine most of them are USA films than only hail the heroics and valour of their country and “heroes”, but well... What are your favourite war films?
The American movies are often good mostly because of the well done war scenes. Unfortunate it’s like you sad, a little too much of heroes and braveness from their point of view. There were winners and losers on both sides and from different countries. Well, back to the topic. To be honest I take most of my influences from books about war but of course there are some good movies too. The German version of “Stalingrad” (1993) is a great movie. “The Misfit Brigade” (1986) based on “Wheels of Terror” Sven Hassels books are fun to watch even if that one isn’t so serious.
And what about videogames? hehe… Do you like “Medal Of Honour”, “Call Of Duty”, “Brothers In Arms” and titles like these? Do you know the great Spanish videogame “Commandos”? I suppose you prefer these titles to “World of Warcraft” hehe...
Well, I’m not into videogames at all to be true. My interest in these matters is equal to nothing. I’ve played some wargames once but I can’t remember the names and I don’t care either... Sorry, can’t follow you on this one!! But wait, Commandos? Wasn’t that a very old game, one of the first computer games on commodre 64?? No, I’m probably wrong (Note: you are right bro! This game existed and it is a fucking classic, but that “Commandos” is not the game we talk about...). I should have passed on this question, next please as a politician would have say He he!!
In addition, to finish this topic... Who or whom would you put in front of a “firing squad”?
Well, what a thought, mmh... Mr Bush may deserve a bullet and probably that hidden man in turban too. But guess I going to get some mailbombs if I suggest something like that, better pass on that one too!
I do not know if you like football. But here is the King of the Sports so... What is your favourite Sweden player? Ibrahimovic, Larsson or “Mr. Gayumbos” Ljunberg?
I hate sports!! Football in all forms included! Better ask you instead, who are best among my compatriots? (Note: hahaha... ok, the best for me always will Henrik Larsson, aka “The King of Kings”, but Larsson doesn´t looks the typical blonde Sweden guy hehe...)
Have you ever done a gig? Please, tell us about it.
We did our first gig this summer with LEGIONS OF WAR. We taped the show to see how we moved on the stage in an attempt to learn something from it. Everyone in the group has performed live before but not in this constellation. We played pretty tight and in some part of the show we raised some hell up on stage! But we definitely have to practice on the contact with the audience, its not enough with a cheers to the listeners He he!! This autumn we will put together a local gig to practise and get drunk. Hopefully we will do some shows in France during 2010 with some help from Fabien of Inferno records. But there are no dates yet. But hopefully.
To end this intie. Could you tell us your next plans for the future?
For the moment we’re finished the work with some new T-shirts. We’re going to record two new songs, hopefully we can do real good recording if we concentrate only on two songs. Then you may get the sound you asked for my friend!! If the force will be with us, maybe we could manage to get a new record deal or something like that. Then of course some gigs. But most important of all, get out in the rehearsal room and have a beer!
Ok, that’s all mate. Thanx a lot for your time. Hope you find the questions a bit interesting (at least...). Best wishes for the future from Spain and the fucking Vampiria’s staff. The last words are yours comrades...
Thanks for your interest in LEGIONS OF WAR. It was a pleasure to do this interview even if I could’nt answer all the questions about TV-games and sports thou! To all you readers and bands out there, get in touch for mercandise, Cd:s or trades. And as always, remember: “Stalinorgels sending out concerts of death while we marching out to the tunes of war!!!"

/ C.Stalinorgel and LEGIONS OF WAR - Sweden.
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: Origin: Sweden :
: Publishing date: 07.10.2009 :