Grand Belial's Key
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        : Interview done to Gelal Necrosodomy :
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Well, well, what we have here today... Neither more nor less than the mighty Grand Belial's Key, a distinct band within the BM, genuine, unique, and a real monsters with their instruments as well. After the tragic death of their vocalist Grimnir Wotansvolk many people gave them (and wanted to give them) for dead. And these guys do not leave any puppet without head. I thought they would use irony softly, but what the hell, their sarcasm is completely direct and frontal and becomes real sharped scalpels. We assume that many of you already know what geniuous this guys got, anyway we warned you that some of the statements and ideas expressed here may be more than uncomfortable for some people.
Greetings GBK! Thanx very much for accepting to answer these questions. I consider GBK has very good music and radical attitudes, so this interview I hope could be interesting for you and for the readers, and of course, we hope we could to scandalise to some nuns... First of all, how go the things there in the USA for you and for the band? Do you think the expectations are better in your country now with the arrive of Barak “Osama” to the White House?
Well, the band has been inactive since the death of our singer in 2006 (Note: Grimnir Wotansvolk R.I.P.). We had already concluded the year by playing a successful gig in Virginia (after 7 years) with KULT OF AZAZEL and DEMONCY in June, and a private gig with ABSURD (Germany), COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE, and special appearance by BLUE EYED DEVILS in New York City in July. At the moment GBK is only myself and DEMONIC.
Which expectations? That building has been renamed the black house.
To be honest, I thought GBK was not a very active band recording material lastly, but, holy shit! I was wrong. Great! You released recently the split with your comrades of Absurd and Sirgblot “Weltenfeind” under W.T.C. prod. How was the collaboration with these hordes? What could you tell us about this split? Are you satisfied with your work and sound?
The truth is that we aren’t. The split material was recorded during the KOSHERAT session. We recorded a total of 16 or 17 songs that time around, and kept those aside with the purpose of releasing WELTENFEIND. This split has its origins years ago. W.T.C. released the split in Europe whilst THE SHITAGOGUE RECORDS released it in America. I think the CD speaks for itself, no more words are needed.
As far as the sound goes Demonic said it best when he said the new album sounded like a 10,000 lbs. pound mosquito!
I've read somewhere a type of compilation with your newest demos. Is this right? What could you tell us about it? What expectatives or aims you have with it?
I’m currently getting that finished but make it known that I oppose demos on CD’s for various reasons mainly because they were demonstration tapes not CD material. The FUNderground today is very Yiddish and many a folk thrive in bootlegging and pirating band’s music. In an attempt to avoid someone releasing these demos on CD (a few people have already tried) I have to act this way and officially release it. Its sort of a preventive measure I have to take against the kikes that pollute the music industry whether it be pop music or underground black metal. The CD will contain both demos, 4-track original versions of songs, and also live songs from the early days (1993-1994) and will be released by THE SHITAGOGUE RECORDS.
Talking about the controversy, the “politically incorrectness”. Yeahh, I think it’s great a BM or another style band would be controversial with some radical attitudes like you... It’s like a direct punch in the face of the “morality” and the “established”. Why did you choose this way? And finally where do you think it exists that “speech of freedom” everybody preach with all this damned censorship over us?
If in the underground, how could someone be too offensive? It doesn’t make sense. I find it ridiculous for many years now the "underground" will turn a blind eye or tolerate bands who openly express Satanic, nihilistic and perverted views, sing about bestiality, drug abuse and the murder of Christians, and follow like sheep without question, yet will go out of the way to try and clean their guilt by going after anything remotely fascist, anti-Juden or national socialist. Where do you draw the line and what makes one better than the other? It's acceptable to burn a church and kill a priest, but we must leave the synagogues and rabbis in peace. I don’t accept this.
As for freedom of speech, I suppose extremism caters to this idea for the time being, but in the long run it isn’t something I believe in or endorse.
Grand Belial's Key
Grand Belial's Key
Grand Belial's Key
Grand Belial's Key
I think GBK is an absolutely Anti-religious band. I have the impression most of your lyrics, covers and illustration of your albums, lyrics, music and voices, etc. are a try to parody and travesty the monotheist religions. Well, what could you tell us about that attitude you have? What do you opine about the fucking “three weeds from the same root”?
All our lyrics express an enmity for Juden-Christianity, and endless sadistic cynicism which mocks and ridicules the religion with a twisted sense of sarcasm.
The conceptual order of our albums is retrogressive, meaning the first album dealt with the most recent religious passages inspired by the New Testament. The second album, “JUDEOBEAST” explored the inseparability of Judeo-Christianity, it’s complementation and co-existence. And our last album dealt mostly with the origins of pre-monotheistic jews, the superstitious jewish psyche, and the grossness of jewish culture and ethnicity/old Testament. Our topics were well studied and investigated. Don’t think these are silly ANCIENT or PROFANATICA lyrics and themes.
The true roots of this pestilence are explored, exploring pre-Christian Judaism and its gross culture. I think that our latest release, and songs like VULTURES OF MISFORTUNE, paint a great picture of the horrific ways of ancient Jewish culture and their customs.
We think that using such simple and puritan paintings is very appropriate and original. Our music is simple and rude, our image is imageless. Another reason is that typical black metallers don’t understand the water colored paintings. Some criticize our artwork for being childish. You think we care? It is the kosherbeast Jesus who should be desecrated with paint, but not for its “evil” nature, on the contrary; for being such a pacifist hippie barefoot hobo. His queer nature and mannerisms reek of philanthropy and humanism. The following releases were along the same lines and became our visual identifier. All our covers cover some sort of biblical reference as interpreted by the artist.
As for the 3 weeds from the same root, we fell to the toes of Christ and Moses, and soon we’ll be at the mercy of Allah as well. In retrospect, however, if I had to chose between the 3 weeds I would stick with the one that identifies western man which would be Christianity.
What do you opine about these statements: “Love to your enemies”, “if someone kick in your face, you may to put the other cheek”.
It all depends in the context but in general that attitude is of those that take it in the ass not the ones who deliver the blow...
And another inspirations and ideas you try to transmit with the band?
I think that GBK has accomplished everything it was set out to do; record 3 full albums, play shows in North America and twice in Europe, and make a lot of enemies. Conceptually we’ve nothing more to say about Judaism / Christianity and the enfeeblement of European man.
GBK music make me to “travel” to a kind of dirty and dark ritual (a bit insane I recognize), possibly with some important parts of irony and satire. Perhaps is for me in a way like a twisted cult or orgie (bacchanal) in honour to Baco, the Roman god of wine... Am I very lost in this? What do you opine about this?
I see GBK as an anti-Juden/Christian force, not a satanic one. I have no beliefs in anything extraordinary. I’m interested in searching for the true origins of what people today consider Satanic or occult. The real roots and practices are quite disturbing since they’re all rooted in Judaism. Is there anything more foul in the world? This is the vermin of all that destroyed pagan Europe. Here lies the blood of rats that have survived since the Old Testament. Much like the pests that rats are, they resemble, huddle, and infest every civilization they’ve leeched from. It is of particular interest to us as this poisonous duo did away with European man’s pagan past and his connection with his natural instincts.
Possibly “Kosherat” is for me your best and more complete album in all the possible aspects. I think with it you finally reach the greatest GBK sound, and it has a full-time of more than an hour. Are you according with it? What could you tell us about “Kosherat” in general? And this is a personal question I have always wanted to ask you, where hell did you extract that (beautiful for me) little intro (perhaps in hebrew language?) of the song “Vultures of Misfortune”?
We’re quite satisfied with the outcome of our recording efforts. This has been by far the best cooperation of musicians with regards to a GBK release. Every member is %100 committed to the cause. It is thick, very varied and with loud guitars and bass. The recording process was much more extensive than in the past. More attention was put into detail and timing, and the result is the most powerful record we’ve done so far. Even though most bands say the exact same shit, I really mean it especially when you play them back to back with our older albums.
As far as the intro is concerned, I must admit I acquired it at the local synagogue of course, but I can’t divulge anymore information as some Tel Aviv lawyer may try to sue us. The intro is klezmer music.
Grand Belial's Key
Grand Belial's Key
We arrive to the final questions... Lastly! Ok, this question I always like to ask to the bands... What is your opinion about the current Metal scene in the world and concretely in your country (don’t mind the style)? Is for you better or worse than in the old times? Is still possible the “true” Underground or unfortunately all is pretty FUNderground? And what bands from your zone do you support?
When the American black scene actually develops, I will answer this question. So far, I’ve been waiting for so many years to see some action, but nothing has happened yet. If I have to point out all the faggots we’d be left with no one else to point out.
The scene as a whole, however, is not very impressive. Very little is done to be original, rather most of it are unsuccessful attempts at emulating something already done. The death black metal scene was important back in the earlier days of the underground, but now the popular thing is to be a cult black metal band with shitty music.
It´s time to talk about soccer!! Yeah, I have seen some pics from members of the band with t-shirts of soccer or football teams if I am not wrong. AUPA ATHLETIC DE BILBAO!! For example, what team belongs the t-shirt that Gelal Necrosodomy wears in the “Judeobeast Assassination” pics? Where are from the teams of C.A. Racing de Nueva Italia, D.C. United or Pesadillas Football club? Do you like to play or watch footbal matches? And finally, I guess you support movements like hooligans or fanaticism, am I right? Mmhh... In “Kosherat” the two last tracks written in collaboration with Chaos88 and Warren possibly are like hooligans hymns...
There is no Pesadillas jersey yet. This was a soccer team made up of metalheads and we used to play other teams. The jersey in the CD is an away kit of Club Atletico Racing de Cordoba (Nueva Italia is the name of the neighborhood), a C division team from Argentina.
I don’t know if it’s an addiction or not but I spend the majority of my time playing and watching soccer. Music is secondary to soccer fanaticism. :) I’m actually a huge soccer enthusiast and enjoy watching, reading about it, as well as playing it. Perhaps I’ve been involved one way or another with soccer since my introduction to it in 1978 when I was merely 5 years old. I’ve played, coached, been in riots, been beaten by Cops on horseback, etc… I was even chased by a Salvadorian with a machete once. At the present time I’m unable to play due to some ligament injuries and their consequent surgeries. (3 surgeries - back and torn ACL)... I don’t give a fuck if other people in the scene think soccer is not ‘cult’ or ‘evil’ enough for them. I rather go to a “C” Division soccer game than going to a shitty fucking metal show anytime.
Soccer hooliganism is 1000 times more intense than banging your head at a fucking stupid metal gig. I could care less if they think football isn’t cool. I’ll be here at D.C. UNITED games at RFK Stadium waiting for the so-called extreme internet warriors to tell me something about my football jersey!
To close this interview, I would like to remember some people who has passed for the life of the band like Der Stürmer or the Black Lourde of Crucifixion. Do you stay in touch with any of them? And how were Lilith and Grimnir Wotansvolk? What could you tell us about them (personality, etc.)? Is they still in a way in the spirit of GBK?
I’m in touch with them, yes, more with DER STURMER than with THE BLACK LOURDE. I think all the members that have passed through this band are somewhat connected to it, except for maybe Lord Fag Pussyferian (Note: Wasn't her name Lord Vlad Luciferian?). LILITH has spiritually died and is not a part of this any longer whereas GRIMNIR has physically died but still remains in our hate.
Ok. Thank you very much for your time. It was a real pleasure to talk with you. I think we didn’t forget any interested theme... Hope you passed a great time answering the questions mates, and perhaps we could watch a good football match in the future... Close the intie like you want...
Perhaps we’ll meet in South Africa and burn something down.
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