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: Remebrance of the Atlantis' golden age :
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Undoubtedly, one of the personality more fidelity with himself in the no-trend scene is Rob Darken. Few of the people who begin in those distant first 90´s have known to maintain with strength and not “sell” themselves to the fucking business. This man is one of them. We don’t mind really his political tendency, only his work, and it’s speaks for itself. In this chance we have chosen to speak about his project apart from Graveland, Lord Wind, and about his last album, “Atlantean Monument”, and of course, Paganism. Personally, his attitude has surprised me a little, because he has moved away from the image the people may have from him, a cold and arrogant man. But he has been quiet, kind and loyal to he show us in his songs: an honourable man. It passed some time from we sent the interview but he always has showed interest in answer it, and for several reasons, he couldn’t do it, but always with the promise he would make it. Now, he has fulfilled his word.
Hails Darken! It’s really a pride for me to make you this interview. I have read many Graveland interviews but truly nothing about Lord Wind, so I expect this LW interview may be interest for readers, for me an of course for you! Well, we begin if you wish…
First of all, congratulajce for your “Atlantean Monument” It’s really great, a great work. It’s full of 100% pagan feeling and it get to inspire my heart. I have the feeling you have worked very hard to create this opus, isn’t you?, because I think it’s very deep and complex, and, sometimes, a little difficult to listen. The songs are very varied and different ones from others too. Are you according with these words? What can you tell us about “Atlantean Monument” and its creation process?
Dramatic effects have always been one of the most important aspects in movie, art and music. My nature is rebellious and I am overflowed with anger. I cannot create joyful and cheerful music when I see what is going on around me. Our civilization plunges into chaos heading towards catastrophe. So music is sad and dramatic with little sparks of hope.
Lord Wind music matures and changes together with me. It carries the strength of my spirits and power of my imagination.
Lord Wind music is very evocative especially for listeners with rich imagination. Magic awakes and evokes images from a distant past…images hidden deep in his subconsciousness. Atlantean Monument is a heritage hidden under oceans waves…forgotten for ages…heritage that will be returned to the Light…so a man can go on and not to be lost…
What ideas are behind “Atlantean Monument”? What feelings & thoughts you try to transmit and communicate with it? Like I have said before, the songs are very varied (“Secret Key To Hidden Wisdom” is possibly my favorite)although they following a same line, so is there only central theme, ideologically speaking, or are there different themes with the same importance? What means “Atlantean Monument” for his creator?
I wanted to rouse the listeners, to free them from their reality and lead them towards Atlantis temples to help them to find their identity and remind about their roots. The holy fire still burns in these temples and the spirits of our ancestors speak in Gods’ language.
Neither wind nor ocean can erase Runes carved by Gods into holy altars. Keys to a secret wisdom hidden in our subconsciousness are lost and forgotten. As the Sun is rising, a man can revive and follow the voice of a Divine Thought…penetrate the space…transfer to other dimensions…The Universe hides the unimaginable secrets…The science cannot explain the powers that created our Universe. But the results of scientific researches are manipulated and the science is used to restrict a man’s freedom. A human nature has not changed for thousands of years. What the most considered to be the truth, was not the Truth. And people who wanted to know the Truth were burnt at the stakes…
Is totally playing with keyboards? Has anyone more collaborated with you? Who are, for example “Atlantean Monumental Choir”?
Rafal from Juvenes helped me in recording drums in some songs. He taught me to play some rhythms, too. The rest is my work. “Atlantean Monumental Choir” and “Valkyrie Choir” are just the names for some sounds of some choirs I used to record specific songs.
Lord Wind
Lord Wind
Lord Wind
The design, photos & artwork booklet is fantastic for me? What can you tell us about it? What means that temple in the central pages with that symbol? The witch picture in the first page is done by Wilk only member and who create t-shirts Hammerbolt is it?
I prepare booklets for my albums by myself. I had plans to prepare a graphic for each song but it was too time- and work-consuming occupation. It would delay release of Atlantean Monument album for even some months. I could do it fast because finding and preparing good graphics takes a lot of time and require some inspiration.
The temple with the Sun symbol on the dome refers to the Atlantis myth. It emerges from the shadow as a dreamlike image of an ancient times...
Atlantean Witch is a project I created when I recorded Forgotten Songs. I was a plan to release t-shirt Lord Wind with this Witch. Unfortunately I could not find an artist to draw it for me. Today I work with young talented people who draw magnificent things for me. Eelco drawn Atlantean Witch for me. I sent him my sketch and he did the rest. When I got a draw from him, I colorized it.
The Witch is a prophetess/Oracle/clairvoyant. She is a leader of a group of maidens - Valkyries with war-paints on their faces... Valkyries merciless in battles... away from men they live in a world of magic and mysticism...
The full length-time is very long, more than 70 minutes. How do you think “Atlantean Monument” must be listened? All the complete album in only one time or in different times?
I listen to chosen songs…it depends on my mood which song I choose to listen to. But these songs always help me to find my place in the world we live in. This music describes me and my interests. I do not create joyful and idle. I adore dramatic effects…and spiritual mystical almost religious atmosphere.
So Lord Wind becomes sometimes distant and different and hard to understand. It is much easier to listen to easy melodies and rhythms. But for me other things are much more important than fun and pandering the whims… I visit many cult pagan places. I believe that in one of these places, a power was awaken in me. And now this power let me see images and hear melodies….images and melodies coming from ancient times when Gods lived on earth…
Some days later I was talking with a brother about this interview. He told me (this is a cliché but it´s true) he believed Lord Wind, with your two last albums, is now more than a “project” from Graveland for you, and before not. What do you think about these words?
“Atlantean Monument” made Lord Wind an interpretation of my pagan beliefs. I managed to transfer my spirit into this music. Lord Wind melodies are like books written in runes…this is the power to awake imagination…the knowledge of our past incarnations…the bonds of blood and destiny…
Well, let’s talk about those dark & past days of LW beginning. Certainly your first album “Forgotten Songs” sound like Graveland did that time, in the style of old Polish BM (Sk.N.: What cult albums were created there in those years!), but with an atmosphere perhaps more mysterious and mystifying. It look like for me that this album contains Graveland forgotten songs! What can you tell us about this? Which was the true Lord Wind origin?
At that time I wanted to record typical folk guitar riffs and folk melodies. But sometimes these melodies were similar to Graveland “Thousand Swords” and “Immortal Pride”…only without typical for BM brutality. I do not like this album too much but when I listen to these songs it reminds me old times…I wish “Forgotten Songs” had better sound and better technique of recording.
I recorded this album because some of my friends asked me to do so. They heard some of my experimental songs I recorded when I got new samples and they asked me to record full-time album. At that time I was keen on Celtic mythologies and Druids’ mysticism. I lived in a world of my imagination and my spirituality and I did not pay any attention to the outside world. I prayed to Gods on holy Samhain night. All these things had great impact on Lord Wind as a manifestation of my spirituality and my heathen beliefs.
And other question about your first album or EP. It’s very extremely difficult to find (I don´t find it, I have only listened it three or four times when a mate of mine lend me it). Do you have plans to re-edit it?
First "Forgotten Songs" was released on tape long time ago. I released this album in my own Isengard Prod. Later this album was released on CD and digi pack by Fullmoon Prod.
Now No Colours rec. has rights for this album. Soon NC will re-release it. I’ll work on this material soon. I have to get rid of interferences and re-master music. I cannot understand why Fullmoon Prod. Released CD version using tape, not DAT tape I sent them. The quality of CD is very bad. For re-edition I will work on DAT tape… but first I have to find it… ha ha…
From “Forgotten Songs” to “Atlantean Monument” it exists a clear and notable evolution. Which are the causes of this?
I gave up my plans of playing folk music and I decided to play keyboards, symphonic and instrumental music. I have always been good in playing keyboards. Many people used to say that intros for Graveland were great. I used these experiences and knowledge to Lord Wind. It is rally hard to classify Lord Wind music. On “Heralds of Fight” I referred to cult of a warrior. I imagined big battles and struggle of Gods. On „Rites of Valkyries” and „Atlantean Monument” I went back in time to Atlantis. I imagined ancient religious mysteries…shadows of Atlantean temples…temples of the Sun and holy fire…I still see these priests and priestesses…these inspirations are very strong spiritually and I think they will be important part on next Lord Wind albums…
Lord Wind
Lord Wind
Lord Wind
Musically speaking, LW is very different from Graveland but, what other aspects make LW different? I consider Graveland is like the BSO of the life, to fight to survive and for to grew oneself, it’s the music when one go out from his/her home, and LW is the music when one is only with him/herself, to think, to plan, to remember, to prey the Gods, to get wisdom (perhaps like “the rest of the warrior”). In this aspect, I consider Graveland is more “real” and LW is more mystic and fabulous. Are you according with these words?
Graveland is more raw and simple. Although choirs on Graveland “Will Stronger Than Death” are similar to Lord Wind… they have the same magical mystical atmosphere…
Lord Wind music is very evocative for imagination… Lord Wind melodies make a man dream and reach ancient magic. Richard Wagner once said: “I am convinced that there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and that any who can feel these vibrations is inspired”. I think that some part of this magic flickers in Lord Wind melodies and tunes our soul to receive Divine Thought that surrounds us... A man just has forgotten how to feel it and how important the Divine Thought is for our evolution.
Graveland has showed forever to the public and people like a band like a band with strong and intransigent political ideas (a “politically incorrect band” they call him). I think Lord Wind maintains these ideas, am I right? Do you like to add anything more to this?
I am trying not to mix my pagan beliefs with the politics. I believe that pagan beliefs are above and beyond politics. I am very glad when I see that Native Americans from South America restore ancient beliefs their ancestors.
Everywhere where one of the three monotheistic religions of the “death triangle” (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) appeared, native people and their homeland were crippled.
Natural native beliefs and customs are our true identity. People torn away from their roots are lost… they wander around losing their will… become enslaved… they become passive bystanders… industrial matter without souls… They are proud with technological achievements, they think that they are wiser… but in fact they drift apart their roots, nature and destiny heading straight ahead catastrophe…
You have recognized that one of the most important LW influences is Conan The Barbarian BSO. Well, what can you tell us about the recent Basil Poleodouris death? Which is your opinion about his legacy? Do a little tribute to him exist in any extract of a LW song?
Dramatic effects I have found in Basil Poleodouris - Conan The Barbarian was a huge inspiration for me… a sign in which direction I should head in searching of absolute inspiration which later I have found in medieval music…
Once I read that Basil Poleodouris composing soundtrack for Conan The Barbarian, took inspirations from Carmina Burana. So I started to listen to Carmina Burana performed by Rene Clemencie and his Clemencic Consort, then Philip Picket and New London Consort and Eduardo Paniagua and Hysperion XX. These musicians are absolute masters of medieval music…
Great master Basil Poleodouris is gone but His works are and will be an inspiration for many young people searching for spiritual musical experiences…
And which is your opinion about “Conan the Barbarian” an his creator, Robert E. Howard (last year was the centenary of his birth)? Have you ever read any of his tales? (well, you give Hails to Aesir and Vanir, and they are tribes of the Conan world and era) When you mention “Atlantean”, do you refer to “Atlantis”, in a past era of Conan when King Kull rules?
Robert E. Howard was inspired by ancient European pagan beliefs and myths. He changed it for his own use to suit better his stories. Tolkien writing Lord of the Rings did the same thing. So these stories are so easy in reception for Europeans. The roots of these stories are in our pagan legends and myths of our ancestors. And we are connected with them by bonds of blood and spirit.
Pagan beliefs are similar all around the world. Some explores say that they have the same roots – Atlantean roots…the place of the cradle of a White Man civilization. There are archeologically interesting places on earth much older than Egyptian pyramids. There is much to discover but the biggest center of archeological censorship – British Museum does not allow to study these pre-Sumerian times. British Museum protects political correctness of contemporary world and try to ridicule all discoveries about ancient pre-Sumerian civilizations. Do you remember the discovery of pyramid in Bosnia? The well-educated "arbiters" (e.g. Anthony Harding, the head of European Association of Archaeologists) claimed that it was not a pyramid, not a work of human hands but a natural formation. Fortunately researches on this discovery are carried out and archeologists found out astonishing facts. Also in Ukraine archeologists found the pyramid. These pyramids (in Bosnia and in Ukraine) came from the times of Atlantis. These megalithic formations we can find in Europe, on Pacific ocean and in South America. But political-correct archeology ridicule these discoveries and does not study it.
Well, we arrive to the final part of this interview (and I’m going to light my last cigarette HEHE). As Graveland as Lord Wind are Pagan bands many years ago, in the Pagan Metal origins. What means Paganism for you?
I think that I have always been a heathen. Even in those dark times when we recorded Graveland albums - Carpathian Wolves and In the Glace of Burning Churches. At those times Satanism was also a paganism for me because I believed that Christianity treated Satanism and Paganism as one. My first inspirations I took from the widely available sources as TV programs, books, music… I remember cult BBC TV series Robin Hood. This TV show had huge impact on many of us, on our imagination and perceiving powers of Nature as a part of pagan beliefs… Cromm Cruach or Arian Hord… I found them in Robin Hood. I started to study Celtic mythologies. I read many books at that time… fantasy books… everything from Lord of the Rings to Conan. All these things enriched my imagination. Music of Manowar, Manilla Road, Bathory, Conan The Barbarian – movie and soundtrack… these things were like a fire of awakening… and then I defined my main superior values and ideals which are the indicators of my works till today…
Paganism plays the crucial role in my spiritual life and my artistic work. Paganism is a driving force of my work and of my life. Paganism is a stimulus and inspiration for my creative imagination which let me create my works that have power to reach other people and wake warrior’s spirit in them. Many people around the world appreciate and respect my work. Restoring ancient beliefs and achievements of our forefathers that are the source and guarantee of our development and survival is work of my life. I follow the voice of blood of my ancestors… I walk the hidden path… the path hidden in the mists of oblivion…
I see in your web and in a Perunwit video images of ancient statues, in Poland I suppose. They look like sacred heathen places. Are these ancient places dedicated to the God truly exist? What activities we, brothers and sisters pagans, are going to do there?
You can see holy pagan Sleza Mountain on one of the Perunwit’s videos. It is not far away from my city – only around 35 km. There are some stone statues of ancient Gods and burial mounds. On the top of Sleza Mountain there is a stone statue of wild boar or bear – the same as stone statues found in Spain. Such statues are typical for Celtic culture as Celts used to live in this part of Poland.
You also can see wooden statues of warriors on Perunwit’s video. These wooden statues are contemporary art works carved for decoration to put on ancient cult places. There are many such wooden statues of warriors in Poland – at old battlefields and old settlements. In all these places pagan mysteries take place because not only metal fans organize them… other people – archeologists, historians etc …
What is your opinion about Pagan scene in general, musically & spiritually speaking?
I hope pagan scene will be re-activated and strong individuals will change the future through their work, art, courage, honor and pride. Their deeds will be an inspiration for others. Paganism sets people free, help people to get rid of chains forced upon them by Judeo-Christian dogmas and dictatorship of a church.
Paganism liberates man’s consciousness and opens human mind for other worlds… free minds are able to perceive the Universe with a clear thought… permeate the Universe in search of hope that allows to live according to natural instincts and inherited strength.
Paganism is very popular on metal scene. I hope it is not only a passing fashion. I hope it is a power that can change our future creating strong creative individuals… the leaders of the future… the leaders inspiring others for great ideals and aims…
Lord Wind
Lord Wind
Lord Wind
And about the “ambient or folk” pagan scene (call this style like you want) in particular. What do you think about bands like Perunwit, Piorun, Wojnar, Munruthel…? Can you recommend us any Polish or Slavonic band of this “style”?
In Eastern Europe pagan metal scene is totally different than Viking metal scene in Western Europe countries. Eastern pagan scene refers to folk traditions and it has strong motivations. Viking metal, represented by Scandinavian bands, so popular in Western Europe is more commercial and sickly. In Eastern Europe mass media do not support Pagan metal and do not treat it as another commercial musical style. Because of deep patriotic aspect and referring to folk traditions, Eastern paganism is accused of political incorrectness.
Bands playing pagan metal are very distinctive; their lyrics are serious and refer to crucial life values. Musicians from these bands are talented and inspired and music they play is very original and true. Unfortunately because of small recording budget and lack of good recording studios, it is very hard to produce good albums. Many of these bands record their albums in amateur recording studios… and as a result these albums have very weak sound.
Pagan metal bands from Ukraine and Russia are quite popular in Poland… bands as Drudkh, Temnozor, Kroda, Arkona, Nokturnal Mortum are like the breath of fresh air for us.
Nowadays, they are a lot band with strong ideals that they are growing and make more powerful day to day, and people who listen them are bigger to. Truly, Paganism are growing and the numbers of warriors of this army is stronger day to day. Our enemies can be frightened! Sometimes, I have the feeling we are in WAR, here in the Old Europe. Do you think this war has just begun? Do you think this is the Birth of a glorious and a new Pagan Era?
Pagan beliefs and ideas are highly inspiring for metal scene. Viking metal is a success on commercial scene. Other bands, supporting more radical ideas, mix pagan beliefs with right-wing political conviction. These bands stay in underground. These both trends have an influence on young people who inspired by music, start to be interested in their past and culture of their ancestors.
It happens because people are tired of emptiness and commercialization of today’s life. People are disappointed with the political system and see the fatal effects of multi-cultural and multi-racial society.
That’s all, Mr. Robert “Darken” Fudali. Thank you very much for your time. At least, I hope you had enjoyed a little answering this questions HEHE. The last words are yours, of course…
Raise your swords!!!! For the glory of Sun!!! It is time to wake up and reach the power that is the source of our strength and might!!! The might acting eyesight, hearing and mind….the might shaping our will and character… the might that is a symbol of unity and fidelity to WOTAN.
White Man! Wake up! Feel the ancient magic! Be a free man!!!!
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: Origin: Poland :
: Publishing date: 26.03.2008 :