: Revelations from a Nordic Witch :
        : Interview done to Andrea Haugen :
: Written by Skelos :        
There are still secret places where the Magic reigns, where it’s possible to find legendary creatures and gods... or monsters that have surged from an inscrutable abyss. Places where the nobles traditions and values from the past still alive. Let’s come in that world where dreams and reality are indivisible, come in the magic world of that fog witch, in the world of Nebelhexë…
It’s really a pleasure to have the chance to talk with you, because your music and art are an inspiration in my life (I usually break to cry listening "A Tale Of Fate (Follksvang Awaits)". Well, if you wish, we’re going to begin this interview. The first question I think it’s inevitable. Can you tell us why you have decided to continue your journey with this new project, Nebelhexë ("fog-witch")?
After making three successful Hagalaz’ Runedance albums, dedicated to the northern spirituality and in the style of folk/medieval music, I felt the need to move on. I longed for new inspiration and I longed for more artistic freedom in my musical and lyrical expressions. I felt the urge to explore the many possibilities of creating musical sounds and I wanted to focus more generally on my feelings, dreams, obscure experiences, parallel worlds and the magic that is surrounding me. I just want to create, express what is inside of me, being true to myself, without restricting and limiting myself to a specific genre. Being an artist, a pagan and magician I always seek to grow, to explore and to challenge. I also started to work with other artistic areas, create visual art and video concepts for example. I have revived my old artist name Nebelhexë (fog–witch), partly because I feel like going ‘back to basics’, but I also found new reasons to revive this name.
Hagalaz´ Runedance has had an important evolution since your first releases until "Frigga´s Web". "The Winds that Sang of Midgard's Fate" sounds more naked, only with your voice, acoustic guitars and a few arrangements, and "Frigga´s Web" contains a rich variety of traditional instruments and sounds more mystic... My opinion is that is your best work (therefore, "Volven" contains a special mean for me). Do you think that your evolution with Hagalaz´ finish here? Is time to prove new sounds with a new name?
Yes like I said above, after accomplishing Frigga’s Web I felt the need to move on. To bring out another album under the name of Hagalaz’ Runedance in the same style would have been to me a ‘dragging out’ of the same expression. I would not have been honest to myself. I needed to grow as a musician and create new sounds.
What we’ll find in your new album, "Laguz – Beneath The Lake”? What changes and what aspects you keep on, musically and spiritually speaking? Please, describe Nebelhexë with your own words.
I’m not sure how I would describe my new songs. I feel a lot of Hagalaz’ Runedance is in the new songs, but I also think there are a lot of gothic influences, since 80’s gothic, industrial and synth pop inspired me most. As a tribute to this era I have made a cover song of Lene Lovich’s Bird Song, my most influenced song. I was just a kid when I saw Lene Lovich sing this song on TV. The ghostly song and her gothic appearance… and I were mesmerised. Several times this song appeared in my dreams.
Mother Nature is one of the principal influences and inspirations on your work. What can you tell us about Her?
I worship her as the highest goddess, she has given us life and we should honour and respect her for that.
Femininity is an important aspect of your music and art. What can you tell about this?
Well I am a woman and a pagan and I simply express myself. Women played an important role in the ancient Northern societies. Their wisdom about the secrets of nature and their magical powers were recognised and appreciated. A woman's strength, pride and courage were respected. This was not just the case in the Northern European societies, but also in many other ancient cultures. Femininity has very many aspects. The myths can show us all the different qualities women have. Pagan cultures paid respect to gods and goddesses alike, and men and women were appreciated for their many different qualities. The feminine qualities have been suppressed over the last centuries by the patriarchal religions and thus I feel it is particularly important to retrieve the feminine wisdom and make people today remember the hidden qualities we have.
You are an expert in Paganism, ancient traditions and customs. Even you wrote a book "The Ancients Fire of Midgard". What can you comment us about this? Why is very important for you to preserve the memories of our ancestors?
Before Christianity came along to suppress our instincts, people lived a natural life acknowledging the elements, diversity and the harmony between opposites, between day and night, masculine and feminine etc. The Pagans knew a great deal of wisdom about the secrets of life, the mysteries of nature; their traditions were a celebration to Mother Earth. I think it is important to revive this understanding because it makes a person understand him- or herself. With my writings I try to inspire people, so that they can start to seek out their inner selves and their place in nature.
I think the world in we live is full of decadence and decrepitude. People live without strong ideals. There is a whole spiritual empty. Is Paganism a solution for this problem? I opine that all is like a wheel, something ended turn to live again in the time. Do you think Paganism come back again with strength and power?
I don’t really know, I don’t think the Pagan religions will become what they once were. And they should not really. Times have changed. But I think a lot of people have started to seek inspiration from the elder wisdom, from elder traditions, myths and gods, all kinds of ancient spirituality that gives them meaning. Spirituality is something personal, it’s between a person and the cosmos and I really hope more and more people will seek this out and leave the organised, patriarchal religions behind. This is the thing I really hope for, that more and more people seek out their true nature instead of being dominated by patriarchal dogmas.
You take part actively in groups of Paganism like Asatru´s and Bifrost. What do take up these groups? What activities are there in, for example, a Viking festival?
We are a spiritual group acknowledging the old Pagan gods of Northern Europe. We have seasonal gathering where we celebrate the old Pagan festivals.
Nowadays the word Paganism is joined to the word Fascism. What relation you think exists between them? In the Bifrost´s web (and it’s linked to yours) can read a message "Paganism against Fascism". What is your opinion about this? (This question could be problematic for you, and it isn’t necessary your answer if you don’t want do it). Do you think that is possible the peaceful coexistence between different cultures?
Well Paganism is about individual freedom and tolerance, so fascism has definitely nothing to do with Paganism. I would rather say the Church or the Islamic Priesthood in Iran are the ones that should be called fascistic.
In your lyrics we can notice your contempt to the men with cross, but what do you think in general about Christianity in general? And about other religions and cultures?
I think a person can believe in whatever he or she wants. Belief is personal and I welcome anyone who has a personal belief. I know individuals who have a personal love for the man Jesus, and of course I respect that. What I don’t like are the patriarchal religions because they close people’s minds, suppress their feelings, feed them unnatural morals and they caused a lot of pain in this world.
What means Paganism for you? Hate and fight or love and peace? Perhaps does Paganism include all of these feelings?
All these feelings are natural to us humans and one has to find a balance between them.
In Frigga´s Web you dedicated one song to Arcane, your dog. Why do you feel and special affection for the animals of our Nature? What do you think, for example, about the animals’ ill treatment or about the experiments with animals? (Sorry, I am doing more than ten questions)
Animals have a soul and a unique personality, they feel pain just as much as we do and the life of animals has to be respected.
Well, here is the last question for this interview. Have you other projects in mind with Nebelhexë (concerts, new songs...) or without Her (books, music, etc.)?
Yes, I am working on more music, on video projects – I just finished a video to one of my new songs, stories and a comic, paintings… all under Nebelhexë and it feels good to just create...
Thank you very much Andrea for your precious time, Andrea. Our best wishes for the future…
This was a very pleasant interview by the way... a lot of interviewers ask really stupid and annoying questions, so it was nice to have pleasant questions for a change...
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: Publishing date: 28.09.2003 :