: Do you really Hate Them? :
        : Interview done to Fenriz :
: Written by Skelos :        
Darkthrone is simple: or you hate them or you love them. Perhaps it´s the band that better represent that big topic. After more than 15 years in the fucking scene, they still are able to make the more opposite feeling into the people. They have record recently “Sardonic Wrath”, so let’s see what the mate Fenriz tell us about their work and other aspects of the “metal” underground.
Grrrrreetings Fenriz! It’s really a fucking pleasure to have the chance to talk with you. I consider Darkthrone one of the few bands that create Black Metal in the final 80´s - early 90´s that doesn’t lose their evil essence by the time, and I am before a fan than a fucking interviewer! But don’t you think for this that I’ll do you some kind and pretty questions! Well, let’s begin this ugly interview. The first question I think that’s inevitable, how do you describe, in your own words, your new album?
It is a HARSH and RAW album – like hate them, only a little bit slower and heavier. Outsiders look on our albums like footballs on a string, but I look at our album as one long CUBE, meaning that we don’t plan or write for ALBUMS, songs are made all the time so it’s coincidental what ends up on an album. I can for the first time reveal who write the songs, so you can try and figure out the difference in Nocturno Culto and my style of writing songs: INFORMATION WANTS TO BE SYNDICATED (N.C.), SJAKK MATT JESU KRIST (Fenriz), STRAIGHTENING SHARKS IN HEAVEN (N.C), ALLE GEGEN ALLE (Fenriz), MAN TENKER SITT (N.C.), SACRIFICING TO THE GOD OF DOUBT (N.C.), HATE IS THE LAW (Fenriz), RAWNESS OBSOLETE (first 2 riffs N.C, heavy mid-part FENRIZ). This information should have been on the cd! But it got left out. As you can see/hear, I write the most primitive stuff with punk influences too. I think CRUST punk bands like DISRUPT, DETESTATION, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH are way rawer and angrier than much of the wimpy “black metal” that I hear sometimes…
And what about the music and the melodies? How do you describe them?
I would hardly call it music…HAHAHAHA
I consider your lyrics a very important aspect of Darkthrone. Where do you find that so twisted ideas? Which are your inspirations to make your songs (lyrics & melodies)?
It’s the way my mind thinks, the way it works. I can read ANYTHING, run it through the darkthrone-filter in my head, and see what is standing left. Sometimes I can read and live in a month without writing a single line. Frustrating, but I cannot force anything.
“Sardonic Wrath” is dedicated to the memory of Quorthon (HAIL QUORTHON!!). Do you meet Quorthon personally? What has meant Bathory for you, musically speaking and in other facts?
BATHORY was perfect for me, both music and the way that Quorthon just stayed for himself and also proved to the metal scene that one DOES NOT HAVE TO PLAY LIVE. I am lucky to have room for the 6 first bathory albums in my head! I didn’t meet him personally, I don’t believe in FORCED meetings. That’s why I don’t understand FANS and idolism. I just register it.
In “Sardonic Wrath” we find other Old School Black Metal lesson. I respect your fidelity about your way to create music along the years. Many bands change from an album to other drastically but you don’t. What can you talk about this?
Easy. Other bands follow the usual development route – DARKTHRONE already went through this development, from shitty music, to thrash and then technical death metal (87-90) and THEN we decide we are not comfortable and decide to follow our hearts and play PRIMITIVE. That’s why it is easy to stick with this decision, because if I have other music in me than primitive raw black metal, I will have to play it in another band or project. DARKTHRONE is a small bow, not much fits in there…
I also enjoy bands who stay the same, morbid angel, bolt thrower, dead moon, ramones, motorhead... etc.
You have edited three albums in a relative short time. After a dark and difficult period for you, does Darkthrone return with strength to the scene? Do you think that you are passing a very creative period?
Not creative perhaps, but hard work. After 17 years in the scene I find myself promoting 2 albums at once (sardonic wrath AND my OLD SCHOOL BLACK METAL compilation), we suddenly have our own record label (TYRANT SYNDICATE productions, first release in October: AURA NOIR “the merciless”!!!) and investing into buying a studio.
Let’s talk about your musical evolution. I opine “Total Death” was the beginning of a serious change for Darkthrone. I consider you moved to more Death Metal sounds, without forget the essence of Black Metal. Are you accord with this? If you are, which were the causes of this?
Wrong. There is a lot of death metal riffs on A BLAZE IN THE NORHTERN SKY, it doesn’t matter if one has death metal in black metal if one does it RIGHT, I believe abominations of desolation (MORBID ANGEL) has more blackness to it than most so-called black metal bands. There is no death metal on only 3 of our albums: under a funeral moon, transilvanian hunger and panzerfaust. That’s because I wrote much of this material, and I don’t make death metal riffs, almost. Nocturno Culto is a great guitarist, that is why he makes more dynamic riff-material. And he wrote more material 95-2001.
And what would you tell to that new (trendy) bands that they consider themselves the “Purest, Truest & Most Authentic & Underground Black Metal” band, and they opine that you are “terminated”? (I would tell them that when you began in the scene they still listened Nirvana, Guns n´Roses and bands like these, with all my respects to these bands)
Where does these bands exist, in chatrooms on the internet? HHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Support NIFELHEIM, ANTAEUS, AUDIOPAIN (great Norwegian thrash), SARCOMA INC...
In other order of things, I always wonder what did it happen with Zephyrous in those distant years. Why did he left Darkthrone? Did he continue with the music?
He just drifted away in 93, he thought the whole scene was starting to look like a boys club. He was right, of course. He is the spirit of darkthrone, I try to keep it with me always when writing riffs. He wrote GREAT primitive material. INN I DE DYPE SKOGERS FAVN, among others.
Do you have any project with Isengard or Neptune Towers? (someone tell me that you are preparing a next Neptune Tower album) What can you tell us about these bands (or other than you consider important to mention)?
It’s better if people listen to the old KLAUS SCHULZE albums than to Neptune towers, because Neptune towers were just a GATE to Klaus Schulze, a tribute. Since 95 I have had no more than ugly black metal left in me, so both these projects are in slumber. I decided to start filling the hole with other peoples music, my record collection is INSANE. I use all my money (I also work full time since 88) on music and beer and taxis when I’m drunk.
What can you tell us about the next album for Peaceville named “Fenriz Presents…The Best of Old School Black Metal…”?
As most compilations, it’s for lovers of the TRUE music that are curious about the ROOTS sound of black metal. It’s a guide, it’s a lesson. It is also a historical document. Also thrown in a couple of newer tracks, showing examples of the roots sound still being taken care of. The collection of songs reflects what we listened to here in the Norwegian scene, and still listen to. Out on peaceville 23 SEPTEMBER, but for you out there who is totally into black metal: you probably don’t need the album because if you are not green you have most of the albums the tracks are taken from.
And about your last re-edition of Peaceville albums with a part of a video in each one? I read some negative critics about this because Peaceville edited other re-edition only about two years ago yet (I recognise that I got some of the videos by Internet, because I have the albums already). Ah!, a personal question, what devils are you smoking in them while you were speaking, Fenriz?
I only saw this once when I was drunk in a VAN in England with the peaceville people. That’s all I know, I do not like looking at myself on tv, when I’m on tv I always go out drinking instead. I am smoking sigarettes only. But now I’ve gone over to mouth tobacco and moustache – it looks more Swedish. Hail NIFELHEIM!!!
How does the idea arise to take part in the Wacken Festival with Satyricon, in September the 7th? How has the experience been?
You think I was there? You think I need to meet 200 more people that I will have forgotten about the next day? I meet enough people in the elm street pub, thank you. And the idea of 30 000 people looking at darkthrone live and feeling GOOD is not right for me. I just hope it was a growing experience for Nocturno Culto.
The last question… What are your next plans for the future with Darkthrone, other bands or in other artistic aspects, for Nocturno Culto and you?
I do not like to make plans, as they generally fall apart. Darkthrone is just it’s own momentum, it’s own driving force in a continuous process of making ugly raw black metal. We have the right influence too: ABSCESS.
Well, that’s all Fenriz (I suppose that you are). Thank you very much for your time. The last words are yours…
Hail brunost! Thanx for supporting the underground sound!!!
: Band's website: www.darkthrone.no :
: Origin: Norway :
: Publishing date: 29.09.2004 :