Castle of Vampiria v. 2.0 has been entirely conceived, developed and programmed by el dios perezoso, right through the sad and cold winter days of 2007-2008, for Vampiria Magazine and PuertaOskura.
Every creation and graphic idealization has been developed with eternal animosity by el dios perezoso, as a result of fear, mistrust and the trimming whispering of Death, from the vortex of a broken life.
Any other content is property of Vampiria Magazine staff. It can only be used by bands, labels or entities for whom it was created but, please, mail us before.
2002-2020 PuertaOskura Network.
The Castle Of Vampiria & el dios perezoso are part of the project, an underground company that joins forces with underground entities related to extreme metal in websites developing and maintenance, artwork design, multimedia presentation, interactive tracks for cd-roms... and everything related to the internet and graphic design, offering professional work at really very low prices. If you have a band, label, zine or distributor and you want us to work with you, just get in touch or check our website...
P.O. Box 17001
29080 Málaga (Spain)