Juan Pablo Peña
Vampiria Magazine
P.O. Box 17001
29080 Málaga (Spain)
All bands, labels, zines and other entities related with extreme metal scene all around the world, interested in sending us their promotional stuff to be evaluated, will be welcomed... we will try to reply as quick as possible, give an absolutely cool and professional relationship, and guarantee the review of every stuff sent... every review will be remitted as soon as they are published in our website...
Vampiria Magazine do not support music in mp3, or any other similar format, because it implies an important loss of quality, musically and in presentation level... each release must be reviewed as a whole in its original format, so don’t be a fool, believe in your own music!!, give it a chance and send real copies of your releases...
We work with every variety of the extreme metal music styles, and also with these styles out of the extreme metal but related in any form with it... if you have any doubt or you prefer to get in contact with us before sending your promotional stuff, just do it!!